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Application error is received when approving a new hire workflow

Scenario: Employee is hired December 04, 2017 and has been assigned with Time Information on his/her hire date. One of the time account type associated to the profile has the following configuration:

  • Account Creation Type: Recurring
  • Account Creation Offset: -1
  • Account Valid From [Day]: 1
  • Account Valid Until [Month]: 1
  • Account Creation Automation: Automatic Account Creation
  • Account Creation Start Date: Acccont Valid From (Day or Month) for Time Account Type
  • Accrual Frequency Period: Monthly
  • Account Booking Offset (Months): -1


  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central 2.0
  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Time Off
  • v12 / People Profile (PP3)

Reproducing the Issue

1. Proxy/login as the approver of the new hire workflow then access the workflow from To Do tile or Pending Approval page.

2. Click Approve button and an application error is received with fingerprint Id = 95ebbbd75960d5d61667636f8d2a7760b77676bf.


Account Booking Offset (Months) setting is incorrectly defined on one of the time account type associated to of the time types in the Time Profile assigned to the new hire. System is unable to properly set the bookable period for the time account being created for the employee post hiring process.

Product Support: See internal memo for sample logs

For the specific example provided which is a recurring account, account will be valid for a year. If a value is specified for Account Booking Offset (Months), bookings are possible for the specified number of months after the end of the validity period of the recurring account.

Here account validity and bookable period initialized by the system is from December 4, 2017 - December 31, 2017 based on the time account type configuration, however, Account Booking Offset was set to -1 which means that the bookable period would be moved 1 month before the bookable period defined by the system.



Change the value of the Account Booking Offset (Months) for the time account type.

1. Go to Admin Center > Manage Time Off Structures.

2. Search for Time Account Type and then enter the name or external code of the relevant account type to be updated.

3. Click Take Action > Make Correction and then change the value for the Account Booking Offset (Months) to an appropriate value.

4. Press Save to apply the changes to the time account type.

NOTE: Only positive value should be used for the Account Booking Offset (Months). If the accounts are to be bookable within the current year only, keep value of setting to 0.

Example: If accounts are valid for a year and the accounts should be bookable until June of the following year, enter '6 'for Account Booking Offset (Months).


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