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2557487 - Application Error When Approving Change of Position - EC


  • When an employee is assigned to a new position in Job Information, it triggered a workflow.
  • When the approver clicks the "Approve" option, the system is generating an application error:

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Reproducing the Issue

  1.  Go to To Do title in Home Page
  2.  Select the workflow related for a new position change
  3.  Choose Approve
  4.  Cannot approve because an application error is triggered by the system


  • For this specific error, a custom field with Data Type as "Decimal" was created and the maximum decimal precision allowed for the field is not being respected.
  • The error happens when trying to execute the Rule to sync Job Information and Position.


  1. Go to Admin Center
  2. Search for "Configure Object Definitions"
  3. Search for position Object
  4. Search for the field you have created and hit details
  5. Check the field "Decimal Precision" and remember the value you set there
  6. Go back to Admin Center and Search for Manage Positions
  7. Select the old and new position that you are selecting for the employee
  8. Correct the field with the decimal precision that you have configured previously
  9. If this is correct, check the workflow and see the same field in Job Information, it must have the same decimals, the error is occurring when the system is syncing Job Information with position.

Note: Although this kbase is mainly around application error on field "decimal Precision"; it is also possible to get this error with other mismatch/sync fields between position and job information. The key take out of this kbase is to check and compare field mismatch between the position itself (In "Manage position" tool) and the Job Information or the employee.

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