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2559160 - Enabling Content Communication Audit Tracking in SuccessFactors Learning


  • How to turn on content auditing
  • Issues with completion or other content data is not received on SAP SuccessFactors Learning
  • Audit data for content is required for troubleshooting issues


SAP SuccessFactors Learning


Due to Spanish Reporting requirements, content audit tracking can be enabled.


With this feature, it is possible to track the session times and details at the content object level such as:

  • When the user first accessed the Content Object
  • How many times the user accessed it
  • The dates on which the user accessed the Content Object
  • Total time spent on the Content Object per day

Below are the steps which needs to be followed to enable logging for a particular item in the LMS application.

Enabling the global setting:

  1. Proceed to Learning Administration
  2. System Administration > Configuration > System Configuration
  3. Edit LMS_ADMIN
  4. Set enableContentObjectAuditTrail to true (Example: enableContentObjectAuditTrail=true)
  5. Apply Changes 

Adding the value to item records:

  1. In Learning Administration go to System Administration
  2. Go to Configuration > Entity Configuration
  3. Choose Item on the dropdown
  4. Tick the box for display "Enable Content Object Audit"
  5. Apply Changes

Identify and enable per item which content to track:

  1. In Learning Administration go to Learning Activities > Items
  2. Enable Content Object Audit
    Note it will only display on the item level after enabling above steps but only when a content is associated as part of new dynamic UI.


  • Currently there are no System reports that return this data
  • A custom report can be built (from Plateau Report Designer Tool) using the PA_CBT_STUD_CPNT_MOD_AUDIT table to get the values noting dependancy on the pa_cbt_stud_cpnt table value for your particular query.
  • For more information on Custom Reporting, please review KB article 2379690 
  • See current enhancement request to vote for Standard report for content auditing:

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