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2559907 - Dashboard Connections Not Working as Expected


You encounter an inconsistent behavior with regard to dashboard connections. For example, you click one value to pass the first filter, which works fine. When you click another value for a second filter, it is not applied anymore.

In other scenarios, even the first filter does not work.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the work center Analysis and the view Dashboards.
  2. Select the respective dashboard.
  3. In one of the report views, click a value. This filter is passed on to the other report views as expected.
  4. Now, in another report view, click another value.

Nothing happens, even though you have maintained such a connection in the dashboard definition.


There are several possible causes:

A) The connections you have maintained are cyclic, i.e. there is one connection from the report view 1 to report view 2, and there is also a connection from report view 2 to report view 1. Such connections have an ambiguity and cannot be supported as of now. The results may be inconsistent.

B) The characteristic on which the connection was set is not part of the source report view. For example, if you set the connection on the field Sales Order, you would need to make sure that it is included in the view of the source report. Adding the characteristic in the target report view is optional.

C) The source report view is of chart type Area or Funnel. These 2 chart types are not supported to be the source for dashboard interactions, however they can be the target.

D) The source report view is a table. Dashboard connections can only come from charts, not tables.


Please adjust your dashboard so that:

  • Connections are always passed into one direction only (i.e. report view 1 to report view 2 or vice versa, however not both options).
  • The source view is a chart other than Area and Funnel.

See Also

Further information about dashboard connections is available on our SAP Help Portal.


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