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2560639 - Contract On Ticket Header Does Not Restrict Items From Other Contracts


You have selected Contract A (A represents the Contract name) during your Ticket creation but can still select Items for other Contracts within the Ticket.


SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

Reproducing the Issue

Prerequisite: You have maintained several Contracts (A and B) and Items and put those in relation to each other.

  1. Go to the Service work centre.
  2. Go to the Tickets view.
  3. Click New to create a new Ticket and add Contract A to the ticket.
  4. NOTE: the Ticket header will show Contract A (if you have the relevant fields visible in your system).
  5. Go to the Items facet.

Result: Your items are not restricted by Contract A - you still have access to items from Contract B also.


Your customers may have several contracts for different purposes.

We have put together a small scenario to explain:

Imagine you have two contracts A & B for a particular customer.

Contract A relates in its contract items to all kind of Services as entitled Services & Parts, that implicate 50% contract related Discount for that customer.

Contract B relates in its contract items to all Kind of entitled Spare parts, that implicates 75% contract related Discount for the customer.

Now you create ticket ABC with two work ticket items: 1A for entitled Services & Parts,  and a further item 1B entitled Spare Parts.

You assign Contract 1 [or Contract 2] on the ticket header level and the system assigns automatically Contract 1 for 1A and Contract 2 for 1B [or vice versa].

Following your approach you select e.g. contract 1 on ticket Header Level and that customer will get 50% contract related Discount for 1A but no contract Determination and no Discount for the second item 1B.

The customer has to pay the full amount for the item relating to 1B although they have a valid and applicable contract which spends them the right to get 75% Discount for this !

We have an automatic two step contract Determination logic, that implicates first contract Determination on -> Header Level (e.g. for Service Level Determination) and a second (Independent) contract Determination step on ticket -> item Level to determine the contract items and its relating coverage/Discount entitlement in the ticket for the entered products & Services.


This is expected system behaviour.

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