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  • How to use Social Onboarding in SAP Jam?
  • How to add On boarding New Hires in SAP Jam before they officially start ?
  • How to configure SuccessFactors Prehire accounts in SAP Jam?


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Prerequisite: SAP Jam Advanced Plus Edition and higher

For newly hired employees who have not yet started with the organization, accounts can be provisioned for them in SuccessFactors and in SAP Jam, such that they do not have full access to the company until day one of their employment. This means that they won't be able to view names of other employees, create groups, post to the feeds, and various other actions reserved only for employees who have already started working for the organization. Prehires participation is limited to external groups.

In the SAP Jam Admin console under Users > Extranet > SuccessFactors tab, prehire's user account is listed.

On day one of a new hire's employment, their prehire’s account can be converted to a full access SAP Jam user account. This allows the new hire to keep their existing content and group memberships intact even though those developments were prior to day one of their employment. To enable this feature, as a company administrator, you must submit an case to the SAP Jam Support teamInformation published on SAP site to designate a specific custom property (CUSTOM01 through CUSTOM15) from the SuccessFactors employee dataset that determines whether someone is a prehire in your company. Note: This step must be done prior to creating the prehire user account in SuccessFactors. You can then set the custom property value, on a user basis, to determine their current role, and convert them to a full access SAP Jam user account when necessary.

Use of SAP Jam to support prehires does not require the use of SuccessFactors Onboarding. However, if you also deploy Onboarding and wish to grant a prehire access to the module, it is recommended you designate the same custom property for determining user status which is shared by both SF Onboarding and SAP Jam. For more information, please see the SuccessFactors Onboarding documentation.

Workflow of the Social Onboarding configuration:

      1. Create the concept of a prehire user
        • Submit an case to the SAP Jam Support team specifying which custom field you will use as the prehire flag. Support will provision Jam so it knows which field to use to identify prehire users.
        • Create a custom employee profile field in SF Foundations called “prehire” or similar to this meaning. A value of “YES” (this should match with the value configured by Support at your Jam instance backend) means the user is a prehire. SAP Jam will treat these users as prehire users.
        • Create a RBP role called “prehire” or similar meaning in SF. Using RBP you can define the role so that the prehire has limited access to SF functionality. Include RBP permission SAP Jam access as part of the prehire role.

      1. Assign users to the prehire role
        • Setup a rule in RBP such that a user with the prehire flag set is automatically added to the prehire role
        • Prehires can be assigned personal emails if their company email has not yet been assigned, depending on the SF admin and business case.
        • Set the prehire flag either manually or via HRIS employee data import into SF Foundations.
        • After SF-Jam synching(max 24 hours), SuccessFactors prehire users are displayed under the Users > Extranet > SuccessFactors tab in the SAP Jam Admin console.

      1. Invite prehires to the onboarding SAP Jam group
        • Group invitation is done using the manual group invite capability in SAP Jam. Dynamic lists are not currently supported for this feature.
        • Group must be an external group for prehire to access it.

      1. Convert user to a full-time employee
        • Update the prehire flag either manually or via HRIS employee data import into SF Foundations.
        • When the prehire flag is set to “No” or just BLANK, SF Foundations will remove the prehire role
        • Be sure the new role assigned to the user also includes RBP permission SAP Jam access
        • SAP Jam will provide full user access. All previous data & history is maintained for a particular prehire to full user converted account.
        • The user will be removed from the Users > Extranet > SuccessFactors tab in the SAP Jam Admin console
        • If the user personal email is replaced with a company email, this will be reflected inside SAP Jam.

Note: If a user is inadvertently created as a full-time employee/internal user, that user could still be converted into a pre-hire (external) user by updating the prehire flag in SF Foundation prehire custom field to “Yes”.  When this is done, no SAP Jam collaboration history will be retained for the user.

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