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2562069 - Scenario based business rules for MDF objects. Parameters and other related information.


  • [Error: could not access: jobInfo; since missing instance of jobInfo]
  • How to populate data from EC portlets to an MDF object?
  • How to retrieve job information data from EC into MDF object?
  • How to fetch personal information data from EC into MDF object?
  • How to populate employment information data from EC into MDF object?

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  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
  • Metadata framework (MDF)


This error should be avoided by using Scenario based rules. When creating a business rule for a custom MDF object, it is not recommended to use more than one parameters to the rule. Configuring the parameters referencing to the standard objects (Job Information, Employment Information, Personal Information and Context parameter) or "Context" is not supported.

NOTE: We strongly recommend customers to create MDF scenario based rules. In that case you can see yourself whether the rule is assigned or not. It will also avoid issues due to incorrect parameters because in MDF scenario based rules, the parameters are automatically created by the rule scenario and cannot be changed.

Below is the sample screenshot of an incorrect rule to retrieve data from EC related portlets.

See: We strongly recommend customers to create MDF scenario based rules




The correct way to retrieve data from EC portlets into an MDF object is using a field that is defined as User data type that should be available on the referenced base object. (means custom MDF object if you're attaching the rule on it)

The screenshot below, describes how this can be done correctly.


Likewise, if you want to retrieve data from the Employment Information or Personal Information, you can use the User type field from your object and navigate to Employment Information or Personal Information.


Limitations and points to NOTE:

  1. Business rules can be created to fetch/synchronize data from standard EC objects and store that on custom MDF objects fields. But the vice versa - (Data flow from custom MDF objects to standard EC objects) is not supported.
  2. Custom MDF Objects can't fetch/synchronize with another Custom MDF Objects. This is not supported
  3. Data flow from EP portlets or Background elements to MDF portlets is not supported.
  4. For MDF object based rule, triggering point should be that MDF object only. (event can be Initialize(Only the fields from EC objects won't be fetched), onChange or Save etc). If you have attached rule on ABC object, please do not expect it to update values or properties of some other object XYZ.
  5. As of now, the rule engine does not traverse to successive child record in one to many association after executing on first child record. Hence to calculate the sum of a field value from various or all child records is not a supported operation.
  6. If you want to get the values from 2nd or 3rd composite child record then that has to be done using a collection filter and that would be an Implementation request. Not something under the purview of support team.
  7. There are limitations when it comes to fetching the Information from "Dependent" object to custom MDF object.

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