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2562299 - Foundation Objects: An application Error has occurred when trying to edit/change the Base Pay Component Group of a Pay Component


When trying to change the Base Pay Component Group of a Pay Component > and then saving the data > An application Error has Occurred. Look in the text in the error pop-up:

errorId=9e814834-c5c7-4460-89df-7f281bc60e77, fingerprint=392fe72c3c2d429d27046ef02fa0edb8b34071bb, timestamp=2017-11-10T15:12:32.251+0100, server=116pc2bcf33t, versionInfo=Release%3A%20b1708.1259323%0A%20%20%20%20%20%20Server%3A%20116pc2bcf33t%0A%20%20%20%20%20%20Timestamp%3A%202017-11-10T15%3A11%3A51.636%2B0100%0A%20%20%20%20%20

Upon looking in the error text you find it has one of the following fingerprints -:

  • fingerprint=392fe72c3c2d429d27046ef02fa0edb8b34071bb
  • fingerprint=6872473725527b60b9617e2ceee1b8d7caf9b676
  • fingerprint=514db230132f85808b065591992a860b66381fee
  • fingerprint=857b051422c0eef90726b624790e9362c02eb398


  • Employee Central
  • EC: Advances and Deductions
  • EC: Time Off
  • EC: Global Benefits

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Navigate Admin Center > Manage Organisation Pay and Job Structures
  2. Search under "Pay Component"
  3. Edit the selected Pay Component > change the "Base Pay Component Group"
  4. Click "Save"
  5. An Application Error has Occurred


Pay Components are used in several areas of the System other than just Pay Compensation Information, Component Recurring & Pay Component Non Recurring. They are also used in the following features for Employee Central -:

  • Time Off
  • Global Benefits
  • Advances and Deductions

There are validation checks in place that the system will perform when changing a Pay Components configuration. In most cases a Pay Component's configuration should never be changed once it is used in Employee Data. This is because it could have a negative orunexpected impact causing incorrect calculations in Payouts and such. Therefore it is always best to create a new Pay Component if major changes are needed.

In this scenario - there is a configuration issue, where the Pay Component field on a related feature object has been set to "InActive". As the field is inactive, the validation cannot check to see whether data exists.

NOTE: It is no longer possible to set the Pay Component field in other EC features to "InActive" (the UI will prevent this).


This is a configuration issue. As per the above, depending on the fingerprint error you are getting, will depend on which Object has the related Pay Component field set to InActive.

Fingerprint ID Object ID Field ID
392fe72c3c2d429d27046ef02fa0edb8b34071bb TimeAccountType payComponent
6872473725527b60b9617e2ceee1b8d7caf9b676 RecurringDeductionItem payComponentType
514db230132f85808b065591992a860b66381fee OntTimeDeduction payComponentType
  1. Match the Error ID you are getting in the "An application error has occurred" pop-up to one in the table above to identify the Object / Field that requires correcting.
  2. Navigate to Admin Center > Configure Object Definitions
  3. Search for the Object in question and open it.
  4. Then, select "Take Action > Make Correction"
  5. Find the field (Field ID is in above table based on Fingerprint > Object)
  6. Click "Details" for the field
  7. Set "Status" to "Active"
  8. Click "Done"
  9. Click "Save"

Then navigate back to Navigate Admin Center > Manage Organisation Pay and Job Structures and try the update again. If the configuration issue exists in more than 1 object, you will keep getting an error message but with a different Finerprint ID. You can use the Fingerprint ID (unique id) and the table above to resolve the issue.

Please contact Product Support if you get a Fingerprint ID that is not in the above table.


NOTE: Product Support > Please refer to 2562040


392fe72c3c2d429d27046ef02fa0edb8b34071bb, 6872473725527b60b9617e2ceee1b8d7caf9b676, 514db230132f85808b065591992a860b66381fee, EMPLOYEE_HRIS_GO_INVALID_FIELD_OR_ASSOCIATION, payComponent, Pay Component, PC, employee central, ec, foundation objects, manage organisation pay and job structures, payComponentType, TimeAccountType, OneTimeDeduction, RecurringDeductionItem, 857b051422c0eef90726b624790e9362c02eb398 , KBA , LOD-SF-EC-FOO , Foundation Objects (Organisation, Pay and Job Structures) , LOD-SF-EC-TIM , Time Off , LOD-SF-EC-CMP , Compensation Information & One-Time Bonus , LOD-SF-EC-DED , Deductions , Problem


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