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2570482 - Biweekly Accruals Considered for Extra Days during Year-end


Biweekly accruals are considered/simulated during year-end for extra days not fully covered by accrual frequency period


  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central 2.0
  • SAP SucceessFactors Employee Central Time Off
  • v12 / People Profile (PP3)

Reproducing the Issue


A. Time Account Type of the relevant account is configured to have biweekly accrual frequency, a specific frequency start date and simulate accruals is set to 'Yes'


B. Accrual rule is configured in a way that it create accruals based on seniority using a lookup table and accruals are to be posted a day before the accruable end date of the accrual period. Example rule is shown  below:



Considering the setup and specific example from the above assumptions are satisfied, the last biweekly accrual full posting is to be made on December 28, 2017, but when employees requests for absences during year-end or when administrators simulates balances in Manage Time Off/Time Workbench for the end of the year, additional accrual balances is considered.

  • Proxy/login as the employee then go to Time Off page. As of December 28, employee has 21.23 hours. Now, change 'As of' date filter to December 30 and note that additional balance is simulated by the system for the account.



  • As an administrator, go to employee's Manage Time Off page (v12) or Time Accounts tab in Time Workbench (if People Profile is enabled). Change 'As of' date to December 28 and then December 30 and take note of the balance for the account.




Accrual rule logic does not include any specific condition(s) on how the accruals are to be handled for extra days not fully covered by the frequency period defined on the time account type.


To handle such scenario, add the following conditions to the rule configuration:

In the IF confition of the rule, add a check to determine if the number of days from the accruable start date and the accruable end date covers a full biweekly period and an ELSE statement on how the system will handle accruals for extra days.


For ELSE statement, decide whether no accruals will be posted or whether the system should prorate the accruals based for the extra days. Example are provided below:

1. Post 0 accruals when extra days does not cover full frequency period defined on the time account type


2. Prorate accruals for the extra days not covered by a complete frequency period



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