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2571112 - Duplicate Outbound Deliveries Created via 3PL Integration.


You are using Third-Party Logistics (3PL) integration.The system is allowing to create duplicate Outbound Deliveries for the same 3PL Request.


SAP Business ByDesign

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Third-Party Logistics work center.
  2. Select the 3PL Outbound: Third-Party Logistics Requests view.
  3. Search for the released 3PL Request XXX (XXX represents the 3PL Request ID).
  4. Now go to the Deliveries tab in the Details section. Here you can see two Outbound Deliveries. When you open these Outbound Deliveries, you found that both the Outbound Deliveries are created for the same Sales Order Line Item and with same Quantity.


Your 3PL Warehouse Provider has sent two outbound deliveries for the same 3PL Requests and for each Outbound Deliveries different External Delivery ID are used.

In the SAP Business ByDesign, system prevents duplicate deliveries if same External Delivery ID is sent for a 3PL Request. However, in this case different External Delivery IDs are sent for the same 3PL request, that is why it created two Outbound Deliveries.

Please note that in general in SAP Business ByDesign, Over Delivery is allowed.


System is working as designed. You need to check with your 3PL Warehouse Provider why different External Delivery IDs were sent against the same 3PL request.

If you want to cancel the duplicate outbound delivery, then follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Go to the Third-Party Logistics work center.
  2. Select the 3PL Outbound: Third-Party Logistics Requests view.
  3. Search the 3PL Request using the Sales Order ID XYZ. (XYZ represents the Sales Order ID)
  4. Now select the Deliveries tab. It will show both the Outbound Deliveries.
  5. Open the duplicate Delivery ID XYZ.
  6. Select View All button.
  7. Click the Actions button, and then select Undo Release.
  8. Thereafter click the Actions button, and select Cancel button.
  9. Select Save and Close button. This will cancel the Outbound Delivery.

If you check the Processing Status of the 3PL request, it will show Started and further if you select tab Line Items, here you can see that it is showing Planned Quantity double than the Requested Quantity in the Sales Order. To correct it and to change the status of the 3PL Request to Finished you need to reject the 3PL Request. Please note that this will not reject the entire 3PL Request. It will only reject the extra quantity. To do so:

  1. From the 3PL Outbound: Third-Party Logistics Requests view, choose Reject 3PL Request button. Now the status of the 3PL Request will change to Finished status and if you again check the Planned Quantity, it will now show correct quantity.
  2. Now select the 3PL Outbound: Delivery Proposals view. Again, search the Proposal using the Sales Order ID XYZ.

Go to the Schedule Lines tab and Reject it. This will reject the extra Quantity. After this the Quantities will be corrected in the Customer Demand as well.


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