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2578870 - Connector - Content Object Sequence in Item Online Content section


How to replace a content object within the Online Content keeping the Content Object Sequence Structure.


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  • You have to order the records in such a way so as to create the root folder first, then the rest of the subfolders and content objects.
  • The entire structure needs to be passed for both initial creation and updates to the content hierarchy.
  • Here’s an example of how the structure is built, assuming that you are using folders and sub-folders:
    • First specify the main folder that is ‘MAINROOT’ with module_type as 0 (0 marks it as a folder); PARENT_MODULE_NAME should be null.
    • Then create a sub folder under ‘MAINROOT’ as ‘MAINROOT-SUB1’. Again the module_type is 0 but the PARENT_MODULE_NAME is ‘MAINROOT’.
    • Finally specify the content object details that go into sub folder ‘MAINROOT-SUB’, with MODULE_TYPE as 1 and PARENT_MODULE_NAME as ‘MAINROOT-SUB1’.
    • If you also want to insert content object under folder ‘MAINROOT’ you have to specify the PARENT_MODULE_NAME as ‘MAINROOT’ in the last step above.
  • APP_ID is required for content objects only. It should not be provided for folders.
  • The sorting for numbers in the SEQUENCE_NO column apply only within the context of each folder. For example: if in FOLDER1 (sequence number 1) I have content objects A and B with sequence numbers 5 and 6, and in FOLDER2 (sequence number 3) I have content objects C and D with sequence numbers 2 and 4, the end result will be:
    • FOLDER1
      • A
      • B
    • FOLDER2
      • C
      • D
  • Finally, NODE_NO holds the sequence of the objects and folders(i.e. the sequence_no) and NODE_LEVEL holds the level or the object and folders in the hierarchy. These fields are populated by themselves, you shouldn’t feed them in.

Please note: "Learning connectors can import thousands of entities in the system, so we highly recommend that you engage with our Professional Services organization or a certified Learning implementation partner before you attempt to use connectors or any data import, especially in a production environment. You may attempt to implement connectors on your own, but in doing so, you assume full responsibility for your actions. While we provide safeguards when able, it’s possible to load thousands of erroneous data in the system and end up incurring significant costs to correct them. Operational interruptions may be caused by having incorrect completion data; causing severe impact in regulated trades and industries. As with any other opt-in feature, we highly recommend that you do thorough testing before turning on connectors."

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