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2584007 - Bank Statement Item Details Report - Inconsistent Transaction Amount Display - Known Limitations


The Bank Statement Item Details report displays incorrect values in the Transaction Amount column for payment.
This occurs for clearings against multiple items directly when post-processing a bank statement or in clearings when payments are confirmed through a bank statement item.

Listed scenarios result in deviating values for Transaction Amount and actual bank statement item transaction amount:

  1. Payment Allocation against duplicate G/L Accounts:

In a Payment Allocation, the complete single bank statement item transaction amount is allocated in the Allocation to G/L Account tab to several G/L Accounts. For duplicate G/L Account assignments the line item with the greatest value will show in the Bank Statement Item Details report.

Example: In Bank Statement Item XX/X (XX/X represents the Bank Statement Item External ID) Transaction amount 1.000,00 EUR is to be allocated:

Allocation to G/L Account in the Payment Allocation:


In the Bank Statement Item Details report only the split item with the greatest value, i.e. -600,00 EUR is displayed:



   2.  Payment Confirmation posted against duplicate G/L Accounts:

This applies to incoming as well as outgoing payments (e.g. Bank Transfer, Payment Advice, Check) with Direct Posting to G/L Account selected as Payment Application Method.

The transaction amount is split between line items. Duplicate G/L Account assignments exist.

In the report the line item with the greatest value will show for the duplicate G/L Account assignments:


Bank Debit Advice XYZ (XYZ represents the Bank Debit Advice ID) is to allocate 780,00 EUR via Direct Posting to G/L Account.

Duplicate G/L Account line items exist in Debit and Credit:


Bank Statement Item YY/Y confirms the transaction amount of -780,00 EUR of Bank Debit Advice XYZ.

The Bank Statement Item report only displays the greatest amount of each G/L Account in the Transaction Amount column:



   3.  Refund to Employer/Application of Credit Memo in Expense Report and Payment Confirmation:

In case a Credit Memo is directly associated with an Expense Report (e.g. subtraction of per diems) only the credit memo amount is shown in the report:


Expense Report ABC (ABC represents the expense report ID) to reimburse 448,00 EUR is approved and posted. After approval, an amount of 12,00 EUR (from per diems) is to be refunded to the employer.

After re-approving the expense report with the updated reimbursement amount of -446,00 EUR a credit memo of 12,00 EUR referencing to Expense report ABC appears in the Employee Account Monitor.

Also outgoing payment DEF (DEF represents the payment ID) appears here:


The Outgoing payment amount of 436,00 EUR is fully allocated in Bank Statement Item AA/A.

The Bank Statement Item Details report, however, only displays the Credit Memo Transaction Amount of -12,00 EUR and not 436,00 EUR:




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Reproducing the Issue

  1. In the Liquidity Management work center navigate to the Reports – List view.
  2. Open the Bank Statement Item Details report.
  3. Fill all mandatory fields, i.e. Statement ID and Bank Account.
  4. Press Go.
  5. The Transaction Amount of the respective bank statement item displayed is not the same as the transaction amount maintained in the actual Bank Statement item.

To compare the displayed amount with the Bank Statement item amount

  1. Go to the Bank Statements view of the Liquidity Management work center.
  2. Find the respective Bank Statement and press View to open it.
  3. In the Bank Statement navigate to the Transactions tab to check the Bank Statement items.


The outlined limitations are planned to be addressed in future SAP Business ByDesign releases.

For now we advise to carefully review report and actual statement transaction amounts.
Please report an case if you experience incorrect Transaction Amount display in the Bank Statement Item Details report for scenarios not listed above.


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