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2586316 - Adding Search Options to the RMK Search Bar in Career Site Builder


  • Configuring more Search Options in addition to the standard Keyword and Location search in the RMK job search
  • What fields are available?
  • What customizations are possible?
  • How is the data populated?
  • Job search options versus search grid columns

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  • SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing
  • Career Site Builder


  • The Picklist Search feature allows customers to add filter options for candidates in the job search bar based on existing job data
  • Once configured, these options are accessible on the search bar by clicking on the "More Options" link


  1. Open the CSB configuration
  2. Select Appearance menu
  3. Select Global menu
  4. Select Search tab
  5. Set control "PickList Search Enabled" to YES
  6. Click on "+ Add" to add required fields

Available Fields:

The following standard fields are available:

  • Department
  • Location
  • Language
  • Title
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Zip
  • Facility
  • Shift Type
  • Dept
  • Job Locale
  • Reference Date
  • Brand
  • Custom Fields 1-5


  • Once the desired fields are added, they can be moved up and down in the display order using the arrow icons
  • Custom translations for the fields may also be added. To do so:
    1. Click the squares icon to the right of the displayed field name to customize the field name
    2. Enter the desired display name for the field in the Override Text box


Note: It is not possible to configure the Picklist search options to appear straight away. The Link "More Options" must be clicked for the Picklist options to appear.


How the Data is Populated:

  • The respective picklists on the search page populate with available data from jobs on the RMK site and values will be displayed in the alphabetical order

Note: Values come from actual RMK posted jobs and not from the full list of picklist options in the corresponding RCM picklists

  • Please take care when modifying picklists in RCM as deleted picklist values might result in field values appearing as Option ids in RMK

Note: There is no Parent/Child relation possible between the picklists so all options will always be available separately regardless of the previous picklist selection. Also, there is no possibility to select several values at the same time in the list

Job Search Options vs Search Grid Columns:

  • The two are displayed and configured differently and do not offer the same options


  • Only the following fields are natively available to be added as columns in the search grid:
    • Title (always required)
    • Date
    • Department
    • Facility
    • Location
    • Shift Type
    • State
  • These are not drop down menus, but text fields to be manually populated
  • It is possible to repurpose some of these fields to map to different ones and change their label accordingly, but this is not recommended as it could have downstream consequences (for example for Advanced Analytics)

Configuring the Search Grid Options:

  1. Open the CSB configuration
  2. Under Appearance, select Search Results
  3. Select Relevance Columns
  4. Click on + Add to add required fields
  5. Other display options are also available, such as:


Note: Options will be slightly different if "Use Search Result Tiles" is enabled under Search Details/General



Note: The relevance columns are not visible for candidate using a mobile device. As such, they are not configurable in CSB for mobile.

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