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2592161 - How to Avoid Unnecessary Updates During EC import


Is it possible to have the system reject automatically entries in a job info file (or actually any other import of an effective dated portlet), which have exactly the same data but with a different effective date.

Example : I have uploaded the situation of an employee with an effective date of the 1st of January 2010, and I perform an import of the data of the same employee at a later date, but between these 2 dates, No the data has changed.

The system lets me upload the data, but I get  2 occurrences of the same record with no changes in between, displayed in the history.    Can I prevent that ?


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Import same data for employee twice (on two different dates)
  2. 2 records are created although the imported data are identical.


1- System configuration.

In many cases in replication the source system does not have information about changed data/delta on field or entity level. For that reason more data is transferred than necessary, in an extreme case always a full replication is triggered from the 3rd party system into EC.

This results in a update of records in EC even if those records are not changed. If other integration transferring data out of EC are based on the audit information in EC they will always get data even if there was no change.

This feature can be enabled based on the following switch in Company and Logo Settings

(Suppress update of identical records during Employee Central import for supported entities.)

Currently this feature is supported for the following entities only:

  • Person Info
  • Employment Info
  • Job Info
  • Personal Info

2- System Limitation

if you have the same employee data but on different effective date, the system system has no way of verifying the duplication


 1- Full Purge Behavior

Let us assume that the following records already exists in the DB.

01/01/2010 testUser1 LE1 DEPT1 HIRENEW

01/01/2015 testUser1 LE1 DEPT1 DATACHG


How it works for Parent Child Relationship:

Currently the only Parent-child entity for which this feature is partially supported is for Personal Info and PersonGlobal Info. We say it's partially supported because it is supported for the parent entity i.e, Personal Info Import and not supported for child i.e, PersonGlobal Info
Also there are separate templates for Personal & PersonGlobal Info entities.
Let us assume the following records in the DB
Personal :   
• testUser1 01/01/2010  Male
•  testUser1  01/01/2010  USA
•  testUser1  01/01/2010  IND


The full purge behavior with the Suppress update records switch can be summarized as follows:

1. For existing parent object time slices (regardless of if they are changed or not), the child object instances are not changed at all
2. For new parent object time slices, the child object instances are forward propagated from the preceding time slice. If there is no previous time slice or if this does not have any child data then of course the new time slice is without children.

2- Incremental Import 

For effective dated entities, existing information in the system will be NOT overwriteen by the import process.

i.e. for the same effective date, only rows where change is identified will be updated with the latest details.


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