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2592711 - Troubleshooting tips for Succession Org Chart application error issues


Use this document to troubleshoot application error in Succession Org Chart. There are many causes for an application error in Succession Org Chart so please log a support case with Customer Product Support and they can assist in troubleshooting. Checking the items listed in this guide first may enable you to identify the issue and correct without needing to submit a support case.


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Reproducing the Issue

Go to Succession Org Chart or quicklink /sf/smorgchart


Application error while nominating successors on Succession Org Chart

  1. One of the common reasons for this issue is that Career Worksheet v12 would be enabled under Company Settings in provisioning but the necessary Career Worksheet template wouldn't be uploaded in provisioning. It is mandatory to have Career Worksheet template xml in provisioning if Career Worksheet is enabled under Company Settings.  If customer doesn't want to use Career Worksheet then make sure that Career Worksheet is not checked under Company Settings in provisioning.

  2. The picklist ID "benchStrength" has a status of DELETED or OBSOLETED instead of ACTIVE.  The status must be correct.

Application error on searching users or positions in Succession Org Chart

There are various reasons for this common issue, some of the common reasons are listed below:

  1. Readiness rating scale wouldn't be configured in Admin Center or readiness rating scale is not configured in all locales


  2. Readiness rating scale name is case-sensitive therefore the name of the rating scale should always be 'Readiness' NOT readiness or some other name
  3. Readiness rating scale is not configured under Org Chart Configuration section of provisioning. It is mandatory to configure readiness rating in org chart xml, the configuration details in present in KBA 2227080
  4. The other possible reason for application error is incorrect xml configuration of Readiness rating scale, below is the xml configuration for one of the labels:

    <label>3-5 years</label>
    <label lang="fr_FR">Entre 3 et 5 ans</label>    # label in different languages
    <label lang="de_DE">3-5 Jahre</label>
    <label lang="jp_JP">その他</label>
    <value>1.0</value>                                      # value tag supports number NOT label and this number should be same as the Score number of the mentioned readiness label

    <index>4</index>                                        # index tag is used to define color code and it accepts only number


    If the value tag <value> contains label of the readiness rating label instead of score/rating number then you would get error on accessing Succession Org Chart or on searching users in Succession Org Chart.

  5. Data Issue -  If there is a cycle in the position data then you may get error on SOC, export Position or MDF Position file (depending on the nomination method) and check the hierarchy of the user for whom you are getting application error.
  6. Misssing standard introduction, XML version and required attributes in Org Chart Configuration XML (Provisioning):

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <!-- insert code here -->



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