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2592759 - Error : No Financial Companies Found In The System. Check Fin Company Set Up


While executing the Profit Analysis-Company report, you are getting following errors.

  1. No Financial companies found in the system. Check Fin company set up.
  2. Report inconsistent. It cannot be started.

You may get the same error for the below mentioned reports as well.

  1. Profit Overview by Key Figure.
  2. Profit Detail by Contribution Margin Scheme.

Reproducing the Issue

  • Go to the Business Analytics work center.
  • Select Design reports view.
  • Search for the report.

- Profit Overview by Key Figure.


- Profit Detail by Contribution Margin Scheme.

  • Open selected report.

Here you will get the above mentioned errors.


For the mentioned reports, Contribution margin scheme is mandatory field. System will determine this field from the activity set of books. In this activity you have not maintained Contribution margin scheme field and system is not able to determine it. Hence while opening the report system gives you error.


If you are using any of the following reporting principle then it is not allowed to set the Contribution margin scheme.

  1. Profit Center and segment
  2. Profit Center or Segment with balancing
  3. Profit Center or segment with clearing

Contribution margin schema field is only allowed if the Reporting Principle of the Set Of Books includes cost related reporting.

If you are using cost related reporting principle then kindly follow the below mentioned steps to resolve the issue.

  1. Go to the Business Configuration work center.
  2. Select the implementation view
  3. Select the project and click on open activity list.
  4. Go to fine-tune tab.
  5. Search for activity Set of books and open the activity.
  6. Select the set of books and click on edit.
  7. Go to company settings tab.
  8. Select the value from the dropdown list for the contribution margin scheme.
  9. Save the changes.

See Also

In case you receive error while changing the reporting principle for the set of books, Kindly refer to the Case Document 1828324 - Unable To Change Reporting Principle For The Set Of Books


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