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2595692 - Frequently Asked Questions on Accounts and Suppliers Data


This Knowledge Base Article helps to find answers for some of the frequently asked questions related to Account Master Data.


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1. Is it possible to maintain Payment Data for an Account which is in status Blocked?

No, It is not possible to maintain Payment Data for a blocked Account. The Account should be in status Active. The same behavior applies for Accounts which are maintained through Migration.

2. Is it Possible to Set Approval Process for Accounts?

SAP Business ByDesign system setup is that the user creates new Account directly and without anyone`s Approval. There is no Approval process for the Accounts.

3. Is it Possible to Set Approval Process for Suppliers?

You can set up the approval process for Suppliers using the below steps:

  1. Go to Business Configuration work center
  2. Go to Implementation Projects view
  3. For the relevant project, select the button Edit Project Scope
  4. In the Review Questions step, expand the Scoping Element General Business Data
  5. Business Partners
  6. Handling of Business Partners
  7. In the Questions for Handling of Business Partners, you can scope the below question:
  8. Do you want to set up the approval process for suppliers?

4. Is it possible to enhance the Customers (Accounts) only with Address using Migration of Customers?

Enhancing Address details of existing Customers is not supported using Migration Mode Enhance already existing records.

5. Is it possible using Data Migration tool to create bulk Customer Accounts from Supplier records?

You can create Customer Accounts from Supplier Master Data manually. Bulk import is not supported.

6. Where do you configure Number Ranges for Accounts, Business Partners, Contacts, Suppliers?

To maintain the number ranges, there is no separate fine-tuning activity with respect to each of the objects like Accounts, Suppliers, Contacts, Business Partners.
There is a single Activity for the configuration of all objects: Define Number Ranges for Business Partners.
For details, refer KBA: 2671499

7. How can you migrate Individual Customers?

You can migrate individual customers using the same activity Migration of Customers.
To define a customer as Individual, you have to set the field Private Account with 'X' in migration template.

8. How can you differentiate between Private Accounts and Corporate Accounts that you created in the Account Management work center?

It is possible to differentiate between Private Accounts and Corporate Accounts in the search of the Accounts list. Select the Advanced Filter icon. In the field Category, you can filter by Organization or Person.

Also, on the list of Accounts in the Object Work List (OWL), you may Personalize the screen to add the field Category to identify if the Account is an Organization or a Person.

9. Is it possible to maintain additional Channels for Marketing Consent?

Yes, You can additional channels through fine tuning activity "General Business Partner" -> Maintain Marketing Consent Channels

Note: Mass maintenance is only possible via the web service “Manage Marketing Consent”, it is not possible via migration or mass data maintenance of accounts.

10. You want to know if it is possible to create a Role that has read only access to Accounts > Financial Data but still has write access to other parts of Accounts?

Access restriction can be created for the Workcenter and Views which are available in the Access and User management.  When you assign the Accounts workcenter to a User or create a Role, there is no separate subtab available on the access screen for Financial Data, Hence it is not possible to create this access restriction. You may reach out to Influence forum as this is a new requirement.

11. What are the different Attachment types and Usage in Business Partner Data?

The attachment types are used mainly as a kind of “labeling”; I would not know of any application processes to make use of certain attachments only (exception: Employee and Employee Image….).

Attachments on Account/Customer:

Account-Specific Attachment (multiple, visible only on account)

Business Card (only 1)

Business Partner Image (only 1)

Standard Attachment (multiple, visible also on other projections: BUPA, SUPPLIER)

Attachments on Supplier

Business Partner Image (only 1)

Standard Attachment (multiple, visible also on other projections: BUPA, SUPPLIER)

Supplier-Specific Attachment

Technical Drawing

Attachments for Business Partner

Avatar Image

Business Card

Business Partner Image

Standard Attachment

12. What are the different Notes types and Usage in Business Partner Data?

Notes on Account / Customer

Documentation on the UI:

“If you need to enter additional information for an account, you can add notes. Select the category according to your business needs. These notes are displayed in the account master data. Internal sales/service notes are copied to the internal comment of the account’s sales/service quotes or sales/service orders and are for internal use only. External sales/service notes are copied to the customer information of the account's sales/service quotes or sales/service orders and are included in output forms.”

Account Note

Financial Data Note

Internal Sales Note

External Sales Note

Notes on Supplier

Here no specific notes are available that have a “flow” to any output or purchase order….

                Supplier Note

                Financial Data Note

Notes on other Business Partners

                Only one note type available => notes from other projections are not shown

13. Can you delete Account or Supplier Master Data from the ByDesign System?

No, you cannot delete Account and Supplier Master Data. Master Data once created cannot be deleted even if it is not used in any business documents.
The only option is to Block or Obsolete the status of the Accounts and Suppliers.

14. How much master data can we store in ByDesign? And, how many years is the data stored in ByDesign? That is, after how long will the data be automatically deleted or deactivated?

Sizing Guide:

Data deletion will not happen automatically. Refer to GDPR guide.

Same holds good for Transactional data too.

15. How many years is the Change History stored in ByD? 

For example, if we modify the Material/Account master, we can see that the Change History is recorded on the Changes tab in Material/Account Master.

Change History records the changes corresponding to a single instance of the Business Object. Once the Change History is created, this can only be deleted via ILM processes as per GDPR guidelines.

16. Through API (Web service), Is there a way to identify duplicate Accounts?

At present, We do not have the request functionality. You can trigger the "duplicate" check when creating new accounts (also via web service). However, currently we do not offer a check to identify "Duplicates" for existing business partners.

Possible options,

  1. Use the "enterprise search"
  2. Also if you use the web service "Query Accounts" you can search with an attribute "Search Text" which is like a free-text search on Name. This will perform a search similar to the search on the UI

17. How to add Output Channel in Web Service ManageCustomerIn?

To add Output Channel Web Service in ManageCustomerIn, use the method CustomerBundleMaintainRequest_sync_V1

18.Can we add Output channel Emails using mass data maintenance for suppliers?

 It is only possible to change data of existing entries. Adding is currently not supported.

19. You are unable to make PIN Code in Address of Accounts as Read-only.

This is standard system behavior :

The Postal Code/City is marked as mandatory from the backend itself so the Read-only is not possible from adaptation mode

In adaptation mode, if we want to make any field as Read Only as well as mandatory then we need to make (or check) that field as Read Only before making it mandatory.

You can check functionality in Cloud Application Studio Tool which might have some extensibility feature. Below link which has information about the above mentioned tool.

20. Bydesign Application does not trigger approval process again when any changes have been made to an exisiting Supplier.

Use Case: Only an authorised user can be selected in ByDesign to enter/modify bank data, but customers cannot put resources to use so many Trusted users to enter bank details.

Supplier approval process is only designed to support an approval process for newly created suppliers.

An approval for changes of existing suppliers is not supported as of today.

For re-approval process you have notification of changes, you can refer the link 

Influence Enhancement Request

With release 2005 there is an option to restrict which user can edit the Supplier Bank Details.

This option can be selected in your scope by selecting the business option Do you want to restrict which user can edit the bank details of suppliers?

If you enable this business option, you need to assign the Supplier Bank Details Authorization workcenter view to allow the users to edit the bank details in the supplier data. Without this workcenter view assignment, it is not possible to edit, delete, or add bank details.

21. Do we have S/MIME Encryption for all Business Partners?

As per the E-Mail Security article: can only upload certificates for employees.

Only Internal Employees Business Partenrs is supported by the application. It is not supprted for any other Business Partner.

This is an enhancemnet request, add this under Influence Forum:


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