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2601584 - Launching Forms - Mass Launch Forms to Individual or Group of Employees - Performance Management and 360 Multi-Rater


The Launch Forms tool allows you to launch the forms that you have created for a performance review or a 360 review process.


  • SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management
  • SAP SuccessFactors 360 Multi-Rater


Ensure that the following are set up before launching a form: Performance Management or 360 Review Template, Rating Scale, and Route Map.

To enable the Launch Forms tool in your application, go to Admin Center Manage Permission Roles >  <Permission Role>  > Permission > Administrator Permissions > Manage Form Templates, and select Mass Create Form Instances (Launch forms now) to launch forms immediately.

  1. Go to Admin Center > Launch Forms.
  2. Select the Type of form you want to launch.
  3. Select the Form Template. Click Next. (Note: The list of templates that will display is based on the permission setting Permission to Create Forms found under General User Permissions in the RBP settings.)
  4. On the Launch Date page, select One-time or Recurring schedule. Click Next.

    One-time When forms are launched for all employees at the same time regardless of their hire date.
    Then select either:
    • Now
    • Later, then enter a date
    Recurring Schedule For an anniversary review process: SuccessFactors automatically launches the form.

    Select one of the options and enter

    • X days after employee's hire date
    • Y days before or after each employee's anniversary
    • the period and any additional dates that are required

  5. Select the Review Period. Click Next.

    Dates configured for form The dates as they appear on the form
    Last calendar year For example, 2017
    This calendar year For example, 2018
    Custom dates Specify Start and End dates

  6. Select the Due date for completed forms, which is the date on which the entire process is expected to be completed, then click Next.
  7. Select the employees for whom you want to launch the form.

    All active employees You can also choose to Include Inactive Employees
    One Employee You can add several names to the list
    Group of Employees Select either a predetermined group, upload CSV file or use filters to find employees

    You can also select the option to create only for users who don't have an existing form with an End Date that falls within a range.
  8. On the Summary page, review the sections and make any required changes. Click Next.

    - Send email notifications to form recipients. If you select this option, the first person in the route map process receives notification that a form has been created that he or she can access after logging in to SuccessFactors.
    - Create an En Route copy
  9. Click Launch.

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