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2601597 - Key Figures in Joined Data Sources Show Multiplied Values


You have created a joined data source which includes some key figures. When you preview the data source or the report built on top of it, you notice that the key figure values are in some cases multiplied, for example when you add specific characteristics or selection variables.


  • SAP Business ByDesign
  • SAP Cloud for Customer

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the work center Business Analytics, view Design Data Sources.
  2. Search for your joined data source and click on Preview.
  3. Let us assume that you are checking the values for the key figure ABC (ABC stands for the key figure name). In the initial view and selection, this key figure shows the value 1000 USD for example.
  4. Now perform one of the following actions: Add a characteristic to the view (e.g. Contact) or add a variable in the selection (e.g. select some specific Contacts to the selection).
  5. Execute the report again.

The key figure value is multiplied. If you added a characteristic to the view, the key figure is broken down into several values, but their total is more than 1000 USD. If you added a selection variable, the key figure shows a value higher than 1000 USD.


The join conditions of this data source are the cause for this behaviour.

For example, you have created a numeric extension field on the account screen and you have added this field to the Account Master Data data source. Then you create a join between the data sources Account Master Data and Account Contact Data, joining them on the Account characteristic.

The extension field will show 1 value per account, since it was create on an account level. However, there may be more than 1 contact per account. So in a join like this, the key figure from the account will be displayed once per contact, which will result in a wrong value overall.


This is the correct system behaviour. Adding fields from a header level (Account in this case) to an item level (Contact in this case) will result in multiplied values. For more information, you can also check the help center article called 'Add Extension Fields as Key Figures'.

You would need to redesign the join of your data source if you need a different result. Please use the channels for consulting queries should you require assistance with your particular business scenario. Please note that the Support Team cannot provide consulting of this kind.

Alternatively, you can check if restricted key figures fulfil your business scenario. For example, a fixed or variable restriction on the key figure ABC will give you the desired result, without having to add the characteristic (Contact in our example) to the view to break down the values correctly. For more information on creating such key figures, you can also check the help center article 'Create and Edit a Key Figure'.

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