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2609207 - Frequently Asked Questions on Product Master Data in SAP Cloud for Customer


This Knowledge Base Article list some of the most frequently asked questions related to Product Master Data


1. What about user, who are assigned to an org unit which is a service organization? Will the access Restriction on Products?

The restriction for materials works on Sales Organization but not on Service Organization.

2. How to add a Product at same level as a given Product Category?

 You can follow the below steps to add the Product Categories:

  1. Go to Products workcenter
  2. Select Product Categories view
  3. Select Maintain Product Categories
  4. Select Product Category ID
  5. Select Actions
  6. Select Add Subcategories
  7. Add Product Category and Product Category ID

3. Why is Unit of Measure showing only EA while adding Product to Sales Quote?

The Price Unit is picked from Unit of Measure which is maintained in respective Product in Product Work center. If your Product has Unit of Measure maintained as Bag then the same will be displayed in Price Unit in products tab in the Sales Quote.

4. Is it possible to add Unit of Measurement for a new field Weight in Products?

Only one standard field for Unit of Measure for any particular Product is available in the system. You can create an Extension Field in your system to create Unit of Measurement for Weight.

5. You are receiving a message in Product workcenter : "You are not authorized to change the data". Can this be removed/suppressed ?

For a user who has Unrestricted Read access and No Write access , this message appears. This is just an information message and there is no way to suppress this message.

6. Is it possible to maintain material description in multiple languages ?

Multiple descriptions are supported for material business object. To add description in other languages from UI :

  •     Go to Product Administration 
  •     Open any Product 
  •     Slect Other Languages Tab and Add

7. Is it possible to export Attachments using Mass data maintenance : Export Materials ?

 Attachments of type Link/URL can only be exported via Mass data Maintenance : Export Materials

8. Is it Possible to delete the Root Level of the Product Category Hierarchy?

Once you create and save the root level (Product Category), it is not possible to delete it. The reason for not allowing deletion of the root level is that it will generate inconsistencies in the system.

Refer KBA: 1702679

9. Is it Possible to create more than one Root Product Category Hierarchy?

No, it is not possible to create more than one Root product Category Hierarchy.

10. How to configure Material ID, which should support all formats?

Refer the below document for Material Format: 1591699

11. Checking Change Log for a Product, you find that there are few entries/logs by users but under Details section you see the message "No relevant change documents were found".

Not all changes tracked by the backend system are also displayed in the UI as some are rather technical. Such change documents would only be containing technical attributes. Hence they are not displayed on the UI.

12. Is it possible to extend the standard Material Business Object - Root node to add some additional custom node in it using SAP Cloud Application Studio?

PDM_MATERIAL~Root is not extensible. PDM_MATERIAL~Common is the node to be used. As it is a 0..1 related subnode there is no need to enhance the Root node itself. Further, standard extensibility takes place only on the Common node (or Sales process information node for Sales area related fields).

13. Error Message "Hierarchy ID * does not exist" when importing Product Category Hierarchies through Data Workbench

First product category in the system (which is the root hierarchy ID) must be created on the UI as the Data Workbench does not support it yet.
After that, new product categories can be added, using the ID of the root in the HierarchyID field.

14. Is it possible to change standard field 'name' in product to have more than 40 characters?

No, it is not possible to change the length of Name field to more than 40 characters

15. PDM_MATERIAL-SALES_PROCESS_INFO~QueryByElements query is not PSM enabled

It is not possible to extend the PDM_MATERIAL-SALES_PROCESS_INFO~QueryByElements query is not a bug, but a new requirement/missing feature. Share this feature request in Customer Influence Forum.

16. Is it possible that the Product Description always displays EN language description as default if Other Language Description was not maintained?

A language fallback is not available. If the users are working with different languages, the products should also be setup in different languages. Product Descriptions should in general be setup in the languages used in the system.



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