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2610031 - What falls within the purview of Product Support team for MDF Features?


This document will help you identify the various options for you to perform changes to your Business Processes or other Configurations Change Requests.


  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
  • Metadata frameowrk (MDF)


The below features and functionality requires in depth understanding of your Business Processes and hence is considered as a part of an Implementation project and should be handled by Implementation team.

    1. Create new Custom MDF Extension/Object Definition

    • You want to create Custom Extension/MDF Object to achieve a certain business requirement.
    • You want to create an association to another object to have parent-chid relationship.
    • Example: Create a custom extension to store employees Loan Details

    2. Create a new Business Rule on the Custom MDF Extension/Object

    • You want to create new business logic from scratch.
    • You can leverage the document 2277956 - "How to create a Business Rule", to understand how a Business Rule is implemented.
    • Additionally you can also refer to "Using Business Rules in SuccessFactors" handbook.
    • You need to put a rule trace to analyse the rule execution and its conditions.
    • You need to create Alerts and notifications for custom MDF object.

      3. Using Workflows on non-EC instance

      • You are using a non-EC instance and would like to use Workflows for your Custom MDF object.
      • Have a look at the KBA for more details: 2662699

      4. Create a Workflow for Custom MDF Extension/Object

      • You want design a workflow to be triggered during creation of data for your custom MDF extensions/objects.
      • You want to configure Contributors and CC section (notifications) on the workflow.
      • Have a look at the KBA to understand the workflow basics and Pending data operation: 2544336

      5. UI configuration for your Custom MDF Extensions/Objects

      • You want to desing new UI for your custom MDF Extensions.
      • You want to create UI rules on the configured UIs to change the proerties of the fields in run-time.
      • You want to have custom UI groups so as to club fields together as per your requirement.
      • You want to create a UI rule to show/ hide certain field/s or UI group/s as per your unique customer requirement.
      • 2553102 - Employee Central - Manage Configuration UI (MDF object UI)

      6. Setting the Security on the MDF object using RBP.

      • You want to secure an MDF object and want to provide the permission to certain roles and users using RBP permissions.
      • You want to set the field level security for fields (making them hidden or read only for certain roles) as per your unique customer requirement.

      7. Creating Live Profile MDF Portlets in Employee Profile or People Profile

      • You want to configure your MDF object (screen) as live profile MDF portlet on the Profile. We already have KBA for that. Please have a look at 2208066. NOTE: This action not necessarily needs to be performed by the Professional Services or Implementation Partners. Admin users your organization who are familiar with Configure Employee Files/Configure People Profile can perform this action. If any info is needed further, you can refer to the admin guide here.
      • You want to change the layout or apearance of the portlet (on View or Edit mode).

      8. Generating Change Audit Report on MDF Objects and Configurations

      • The detailed KBA explains all about Chage Audit Report: 2790859

      NOTE: As per the KBA: 2706322, following are the categories which are classified as consulting requests and should not be raised via a Support incident.

      1. Advice or assistance relating to configuration, business process analysis, or implementation specific to the customer’s unique environment or already documented in Product Guides
      2. ‘How-To’ questions seeking assistance with documented features
      3. Assistance with customization of the core product, core functionality and/or problems or errors caused by customization that has been implemented or completed by customers or partners

      Please reach out to our Partners today to engage with an expert.

      Steps to engage a Certified SAP Partner directly

      1. Visit our "Find and SAP Partner" page,
      2. Click the "Search the SAP Partner Finder" button.
      3. You can then use the filter options in the left navigation panel to find a Certified Partner based on your needs.
      4. Partners can provide quotes and estimates based on your needs.

      Please note that each Partner may determine the types of services they offer for customers. Pricing can vary between Partners. There are a number of Partners that are happy to perform the types of changes/implementations listed here.

      Steps to enagage with SAP Professional Services

      => Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Customer Engagement Executive to get engaged.

      => You can also have a look at the KBA instead: 2149831

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      What is Support – What is Consulting: Cloud Solutions - 2706322


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