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2611726 - Working with previous_tags of CompoundEmployee API in Boomi


  1. CompoundEmployee API when queried through Boomi by using the parameter “resultOptions=renderPreviousTags” returns the previous values of the field
  2. To capture both the previous and the current value in a mapping profile and send the data to target profile is having issues and you are getting an error “Source profile mismatch”



Reproducing the Issue

  1. Make a connector operation in Boomi using Successfactors connector
  2. Use the parameter “resultOptions=renderPreviousTags” while querying the data
  3. When this queried data is passed into the mapping step which will have the CE API response profile generated from the Boomi import, this profile step will cause the process to end up into an error


This is because we do not have the respective previous tags generated in the response profile from the Boomi import option


Please use the following parameter in a query outside the client tool (Boomi/any other) to generate the XSD and save it locally





Sample Query

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="" xmlns="">

  <SOAP-ENV:Header />


    <query xmlns="">

      <queryString>SELECT employment_information,job_information,person FROM CompoundEmployee WHERE (last_modified_on > to_datetime('2015-11-21T08:24:00Z') AND person_id_external = 'admin')</queryString>












Sample XSD file is attached to this KBA

In Boomi follow the below procedure:

  1. Use a mapping step
  2. In the mapping step, instead of choosing/browsing the source profile please import the XSD file saved locally
  3. To import the XSD file, click on choose --> Select XML --> Click on “Create new profile”
  4. You will be prompted to import a profile --> Choose import a profile --> Choose --> XML Schema --> Browse to the location where the local XSD is saved and now import the same
  5. You will be prompted with two options --> Choose Compound Employee --> Next --> Finish
  6. Save and close the source profile

Very Important Note:

  • The namespace of the profile should be set to NONE --> This needs to be done by choosing the Root element "CompundEmployee" in the mapping profile and under "Namespace" select the drop down and choose "None" (by default you will have
  • The flag “Remove namespace” option should be disabled in the connector operation.

Sample Process



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