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2612368 - Reporting: Field 'Gender' in Application (Recruiting V2) display incorrect data for few Candidates


The Report (Recruiting V2 -> Application -> Gender) shows the value 'U' (Unknown, Undefined, No Selection) for few candidates although they have specified it ('F' (Female) or 'M' (Male)) on the application form.


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Reproducing the Issue

1. Gender can be specified on the application form.
2. Candidates have selected 'F' (Female) or 'M' (Male).
3. User creates an Ad-Hoc report via 
--> Reports -> Analytics -> Create Report:
--> Report type = Single Domain Report, Report Definition Type = Recruiting V2
--> Select Column -> Application -> Gender

4. Notice, that the Ad-Hoc report does not display the values 'F' or 'M' correctly but 'U' for few candidates.


The Reason why for few Candidates the Value shows up correctly where as for others not is the application type: (internal,external)

Verify, the bad data 'U' shows up only for the external applicants, while internal applicants have correct value 'F' and 'M' fetching up correctly. Reason being, the internal applicants have a link with employee profile and pulls up value directly if gender is defined as a standard field in application.

A custom field definition id 'genderXX' (example) is used on the application template but Ad-Hoc reports can only evaluate the content of standard field id 'gender'.
Technically no data exists for field id 'gender' for external candidates so the report displays 'U'.

Application template (example)

<field-definition id="genderXX" type="picklist" required="false" custom="true" public="false" readOnly="false">
<field-label mime-type="text-plain"><![CDATA[What is your gender?]]></field-label>


1. Go to Provisioning -> Configure Reportable Custom Fields -> Application -> map the custom field id 'genderXX' under 'Picklist' and save.

2. Synchronize Existing Data -> Press 'Synchronize Extended Field Data.

3. Now data for 'genderXX' is ready for being reported.

See Also

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