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2612389 - Emails for compliance filter


  • Company admins started receiving lot of emails about compliance flags ?
  • After enabling "Enable Unscannable Filter", Jam Admin started getting lot of emails


  • SAP Jam


With a fix on March 1st, Compliance Filters (Opacity Filter) was corrected for few companies where it was broken. As a result of this, those companies that have the filter enabled will start receiving the emails for the new items that get marked in compliance filters.

This will be an expected behavior; however Jam Company Admins can turn the filter off by visiting :
Admin console->Product Setup->Features and unchecking “Enable Unscannable Filter”

Note: "Enabling Unscannable Filter" means SAP Jam will send emails for all the images/videos/zip files in the company uploaded after this feature is turned ON.

The compliance feature has been designed in such a way that it can scan and match offensive words in wikis, blog posts and feeds but it cannot scan inside binaries such as images or videos.  So to ensure Company Admins do not miss such binary documents uploaded by users, they can Enable the toggle "Enabling Unscannable Filter" and get notified. And when notified, SAP Jam Company Admins can decide to either remove the documents or scan manually.


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