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2614752 - Surcharge/Discounts not Included in Cost Recognition - Customer Project Expense List Posting - Costs Without Assignment to a Sales order Exists for Project


  • You have assigned a Sales Order item to Supplier invoice ABC accounted to a Customer Project with Sales Integration. (ABC represents the Supplier Invoice ID). The Expense Assignment, meaning the Customer Project Expense list is posted. 
  • But you notice that for this Supplier Invoice an unassigned amount appears on the Deferred Cost of Goods sold account. 
  • If an Accrual Method is assigned to the related Sales Order Item, it finishes with the error 'Costs without assignment to a sales order exist for project.'


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Reproducing the Issue

Pre-Condition: All project expenses have been assigned to Sales Order items in Project Management - Not Invoiced Times and Expenses.

To check the Supplier Invoice and the Expense assignment posting, open, for example the Sales Accruals Report to view the unassigned, deferred expenses:

  1. In the Selection go to the Project field and enter the Project ID XYZ (XYZ represents the Project ID). 
  2. Use the following Characteristics and Sorting:
    • G/L Account
    • G/L Account (Origin)
    • Associated Source Document Type
    • Associated Source Document ID
    • Business Transaction
    • Journal Entry
    • Associated Sales Order item: Enter #

You can now see that the Supplier Invoice ABC was posted with the amount, say, 950,00 LC (LC stands for Local Currency).

You also see a posting of type Expense Assignment to Sales Document. You expect that this is also posted with the amount 950,00 LC. However, it is posted with a different amount, -1000,00 LC.

This results in an unassigned difference of -50,00 LC.


In Supplier Invoice ABC a Discount is maintained in the Deductions and Surcharges tab.
The deduction updates the Gross Amount of the Supplier Invoice expense posting. But it does not update the CPEL posting. Here, the whole invoice amount without any discount (here, 1000,00 EUR) is considered.
Similarly, surcharges are not considered in CPEL postings.


Currently, deductions or surcharges maintained in the Deductions and Surcharges tab of a sales project relevant supplier invoice are not considered for Expense Assignment postings.
The differences need to be manually assigned to the respective sales order item:

  1. In the General Ledger go to the Journal Entries - Journal Entry Vouchers view.
  2. Press New - Journal Entry Voucher.
  3. In the new screen, select Journal Entry Type 00088 - Manual Entry for Sales Documents and Screen Variant 633 - Man. Adjusting Entry for Sales Documents.
  4. Maintain the Posting date.
  5. In the Line items table press Add Row.
  6. In the G/L Account field, select the G/L Account defined for Deferred Costs of Goods Sold (Deferred COGS).
  7. If the deferred, unassigned amount results from a discount, so that the difference appears as a credit amount, for instance, -50,00 LC, enter the difference amount in the Debit* field.
  8. In the G/L Account (Origin) field enter the expense account where the expense is to be realized, for instance G/L Account XXXXXX (XXXXX represents the Expense Account/G/L Account (Origin) ID).
  9. In the Project task field, enter the Project Task ID XYZ-XX which is assigned to Supplier invoice item ABC-A (XYZ-XX represents the Project task ID; ABC-A represents the Supplier Invoice item ID).
    Press Add row again.
  10. In the next Line, in the G/L Account field enter the Expense account ID XXXXXX.
  11. In the Credit* field enter the difference amount, 50,00 LC.
  12. In the Sales Doc type field, select 114-Sales Order.
  13. In the Sales Doc ID field, enter the Sales Order ID DEF (DEF represents the Sales Order ID).
  14. In the Sales Doc. Item ID field, enter the Sales Order item DEF-XX (DEF-XX represents the Sales Order item ID).
  15. In the G/L Account (Origin) field, enter again Account XXXXX. Ensure that the correct project task is generated in the Project Task field.
  16. Press Post.

*If the deferred, unassigned amount appears positively in the Sales Accruals report, credit the Deferred COGs account and debit the Expense account.

After this the unassigned amount is cleared and, if an Accrual method is assigned to the respective Sales Order item, the Revenue Recognition run will finish without warnings.


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