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2615220 - How To Return a Pre-delivered Stock to Warehouse stock


You want to return a Pre-delivered stock to your own stock.


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If you have to use the above stock at your end, you will have to bring the stock back from your custodian.

To bring the stock back from your custodian, you will have to first remove the project that is mapped to the stock.

Please follow the below given steps to do so.

  1. Go to the Physical Inventory work center.
  2. Select the option Change of Pre-Delivered Stock  under  Common Tasks view.
  3. In the Custodian ID in the field Custodian and choose the button Add Row to add the product details.
  4. Enter the Product ID ABC and choose the Next button. (ABC indicates the exact Product ID).
  5. In Enter Confirmation Details section enter the Changed Product Quantity value as XXX (XXX indicates product quantity) and choose the button Next.
  6. Review the details you have entered and choose the button Finish.

  If you check the stock overview for the above product you will not be able to see the Project ID tagged to the custodian stock.
   Now you have to bring back the custodian stock from your customer site to your warehouse.
  Please perform the below given steps to do so.

  1. Go to the Inbound Logistics work center.
  2. Select the option New Parts Return Notification under the Common Task view.
  3. In the New Parts Return Notification screen you need to enter the Ship-to Party ID, Ship-to Location ID (Company), Sender ID (Site) and Delivery Notification ID (Inbound Delivery Notification ID).
  4. Enter the Product details by choosing the Add Row button.
  5. Once the necessary details are entered, select  Check Consistency button to make sure that there are no errors in the document.
  6. You can choose to create a Warehouse Request to process the Inbound Delivery Notification via tasks, of save the Inbound Notification as it
    is to perform a Post Goods Receipt.

Once the above steps are performed the stock of XXX quantity at your custodian site will be updated back in your inventory.


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