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2615277 - Check Tool: Specified Picklist must contain specified external codes (MissingPicklist)


Check Tool: Check will verify the correctness of key picklists used by the Employee Central system

This check detects picklists that do not have unique external codes, the ones with duplicate external codes get returned with the number of times they are duplicated.

This article covers general information regarding the following general checks:

  • GlobalAssignmentMissingPicklistEmployeeStatus
  • MissingPicklistEmployeeStatus
  • PensionPayoutMissingPicklistEmployeeStatus
  • GlobalAssignmentMissingPicklistEvents
  • MissingPicklistEvents
  • PensionPayoutMissingPicklistEvents


Employee Central


Check Solution: The related picklist must have correct External Codes defined. Please navigate to the Employee Central page on the Help portal and download the Employee Central Master Picklists from the Configuration section, and use this file verify that the External Code of the identified picklist is corrected as per the pre-delivered Employee Central Master Picklists.

Special Note: Please do not import the Employee Central Master Picklists file into your instance if the picklists already exist. This will cause duplicate Picklist Options to be created and will cause behavioural issues.

The following checks are now available.

  • Check that required employee status are defined to use feature ‘Global Assignment’. (GlobalAssignmentMissingPicklistEmployeeStatus)
  • Check that required employee status are defined to use feature ‘Pension Payout’. (PensionPayoutMissingPicklistEmployeeStatus)
  • Check that required employee status are defined. (MissingPicklistEmployeeStatus)
  • Check that required events are defined to use feature ‘Global Assignment’. (GlobalAssignmentMissingPicklistEvents)
  • Check that required events are defined to use feature ‘Pension Payout’. (PensionPayoutMissingPicklistEvents)
  • Check that required events are defined. (MissingPicklistEvents)







Specifically for the check "Check that required events are defined. (MissingPicklistEvents)"

The picklist for "Event" is "event" and not "event-reason" must be configured as such. As the "^picklistId" cannot be changed once created, to fix this, it would require the correct "event" picklist is imported into the instance and all of the Event Reasons must then also be corrected. This would also entail all of the Job Info and Comp Info data to also be corrected. For example the process to resolve this issue would be to -:

  1. Create the picklist with the correct id: "event". The "event" picklist can be downloaded from the SAP Help portal here.
  2. Export the user data (for example jobInfo or compInfo) using the Person and Employment Export Ad Hoc Report (please follow the guidance in "Step 1" of article 2317955 to export the data)
  3. Add the "event" picklist to the Foundation Object <hris-element id="eventReason"> field "<hris-field max-length="45" id="event" visibility="both" required="true">" in the Corporate Data Model
  4. Correct all of the Event Reasons in the instance (can either be done by Exporting the Event Reason Foundation objects, correcting the "Event" value with the new ones you created step 1, and then re-importing it, or this can also be done via the Manage Organisation, Pay and Job Structures UI).
  5. Then once complete, the jobInfo or compInfo data be reimported exactly as it is, in "Incremental Load" mode (not DO NOT USE FULL PURGE).

If you do not have access to Provisioning, or require further guidance, please open an case with SAP Cloud Support



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