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2615572 - Quick overview on Data Protection and Privacy - Performance Management


This article provides a quick overview about Data Protection and Privacy regarding Performance Management forms.


SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management


Prerequisites for Using Data Protection and Privacy Functions

To make use of the data protection and privacy functions, you need to verify that you have met the prerequisites:

  1. Migrate to role-based permissions (RBP). Please note that this process takes time, so if you haven't done it yet we strongly recommend that you start as soon as possible.
  2. Activate the Metadata Framework (MDF). To do this, just go to the Upgrade Center and switch on the Extension Center. This activates MDF automatically.
  3. If you have Position Management, update to the right to return data model.

 Functionality Overview -  Data Protection and Privacy:

With this function You can
Purge Erase personal data once it is no longer needed, and the required retention time for the data has passed
Data Blocking Erase personal data once it is no longer needed, and the required retention time for the data has passed.
Read Audit See who has accessed sensitive personal data.
Change Audit See who has created, modified, or deleted personal data.
Information Report Compile a report containing all the personal data your company has stored on a particular person.
Consent agreements Inform people that their personal data will be stored when they use particular applications.

Note: Data blocking is only available in Employee Central and Reporting. In other SAP SuccessFactors modules, all personal data is accessible by authorized users until it is purged.

Questions & Answers

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