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2617429 - Event Reason Availability and Configuration in Employee Central


What is the expected behavior for visible Events and Event Reasons throughout the instance in Employee Central.

Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental


  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central



You can create new events in the picklist. However, these custom events won't be tied to any business logic or processes. They can be used for data change events.

Below is a sample list of events delivered by SAP SuccessFactors (you can see the latest list provided in the  Implementing Employee Central Core -Chapter:  Event)

Completion of Probation 15 Available for manual use only
Probation 14 Available for manual use only
Suspension 7 Available for manual use only
Job Change 16 Change in job
Demotion 4 Change in job
Promotion 8 Change in job
Position Change 13 Change in position or position reclassification
Pay Rate Change 12 Compensation change
Start Contingent Worker SCWK Contingent Workforce Management
End Contingent Worker ECWK Contingent Workforce Management
Additional Job 1 Available for manual use only
Assignment 2 Available for manual use only
Assignment Completion 3 Available for manual use only
Add Global Assignment GA Global Assignment
End Global Assignment EGA Global Assignment
Away on Global Assignment AGA Global Assignment
Back from Global Assignment BGA Global Assignment
Obsolete OGA Global Assignment
Hire H Hire/Rehire
Rehire R Hire/Rehire
Transfer 6 Job and/or position transfer
Job Reclassification 9 Job Reclassification
Furlough 11 Leave of Absence
Leave of Absence 10 Leave of Absence
Return From Disability 22 Leave of Absence
Return to Work 23 Leave of Absence
Data Change 5 Miscellaneous Data Change
Start Pension Payout SPP Pensions Payouts
Discard Pension Payout OPP Pensions Payouts
End Pension Payout EPP Pensions Payouts
Termination 26 Termination

MSS/ Change Job and Compensation Information:

The Event and Event Reason Fields will not show in MSS/Change job and Compensation Information if you the following feature:
 • Enable Business Rules for Event Reason Derivation

The Event and Event Reasons will be derived by the rules defined as onSave Business Rule for each respective feature.

If you DO NOT use the above feature, users will be able manually select the Event and Event Reasons in the MSS/Change Job and Compensation Information UI.
 • Only Event Reasons with their Employee Status set to “No Selection” will be available in the Take Action > Job and Compensation Change pages in the MSS UI.
    If the Event Reason has an Employee Status set other than “No Selection” it will not appear in the Event Reason drop-down menu.
 • This means that only Event Reasons that are linked to a Data Change type Event are able to be selected.
    Event Reasons linked to Events such as Termination, Hire, Rehire are managed via their respective UI’s or import actions. 
 • Please Note that all Events will be selectable and that permissions will be applied to the Event Reason field

Job History:

All Events and Event Reasons are displayed in Job History with the exception of a list of special Events and their associated Event Reasons, which must be created via a specific UI or import.

Please see the following KBA for the lists of Events which can't be created via Job History: 
3103944 - Prevention of Special Record Creation in Job History - 2H 2021

Please Note: only Data Change Events should be inserted/created via Job History.
Events such as Termination, Hire, Rehire are managed via their respective UI’s. or imports actions.

Job History Import:

The Event Reason field is a required field in a Job History template and such must be maintained in the import file.

Enable Business Rules for Event Reason Derivation
 • The business rules should not triggered on Job history imports. However if they are not configured correctly they can be triggered and as such can set unexpected event reason after import:
    2423690 - Wrong Event Reason Selected Using Business Rules for Event Reason Derivation

Add New Employee:

All Event Reasons with Event "Hire"  (external_code H) and Employee Status "Active" (external_code A), will be displayed in the Add New Employee Wizard.

Please Note: that permissions are not respected in the Add New Employee wizard, this includes Event Reason Permissions



All Event Reasons with Event "Termination" (external_code 26) and Employee Status "Terminated" (external_code T), will be displayed in the Termination Reason field in the Termination UI.

Please Note: Permissions are respected in this UI.


Termination - Transfer of Direct Reports:

All Event Reasons in the instance will be displayed in the Transfer Event Reason field of the Termination UI, when terminating employees with direct reports.

The Event Reasons will be grouped by Event and, currently, there is no way to change the order or to filter this list.

Please Note: If the event reason field has been configured in job information, as per this kba, the user will need view permissions to the event reason field. Note: Only applies if user has no permissions for the event reasons in this drop down.


Add Concurrent Employment:

All Events Reasons with Event "Hire" (external_code H) and Employee Status "Active" (external_code A), will be displayed in the Event Reason field in the Add Concurrent Employment UI.

Please Note: Permissions are respected in this UI.


Add Global Assignment:

All Events Reasons with Event "Add Global Assignment" (external_code GA) and Employee Status "Active" (external_code A), will be displayed in the Event Reason field in the Add Global Assignment UI.

Please Note: Permissions are respected in this UI.



Permissions to Event Reason are required to be set via their permission roles.
These permissions can be provided under the "Employee Data" sub section in the permission roles:

To restrict access to specific event reasons, you can deactivate the permission for the respective instances in the roles concerned, further information can be found in the following section of KBA 2258486.

Country-Specific Picklist for Event Reasons:

You can configure your event reason to be country specific.
This means the available event reason, will be filtered based on the Country of Company which is selected. This association is respected on all wizards, including MSS (Change Job and Compensation Information), Job History, Termination and Hire wizards.

For configuration steps, please review the following section of the handbook.

Please Note: that this is the only current association (filtering) that can be applies to Event Reasons. We do not currently support any other association.

FAQ - Additional Information

Q) Which Implementation Guide can I find more information on this topic?

A) Guide: Implementing Employee Central Core

Chapter:  Expected Behavior

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