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2618236 - Manage Business Configuration: sysUserDirectorySetting is missing from Employee Profile > View Template list


When navigating to Admin Center > Manage Business Configuration "sysUserDirectorySetting" is missing from Employee Profile > View Template list

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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Navigate to Admin Center > Manage Business Configuration
  2. Expand Employee Profile > View Template
  3. "sysUserDirectorySetting" is missing from the View Template list



A field defined under <view-template id="sysUserDirectorySetting" pdf-printing-enabled="true">  ->  <edit-template id="sysAllUserDirectorySetting"> is not defined in the Succession Data Model xml.

For example, <standard-element-ref refid="gender"/> is defined under <edit-template id="sysAllUserDirectorySetting"> but the standard element "gender" is not defined in the Succession Data Model xml

  <standard-element id="gender" max-length="2" required="false" matrix-filter="false">
    <label xml:lang="en-GB">Gender</label>

This can be caused by any field defined under "sysAllUserDirectorySetting" that is not properly defined in the Succession Data Model xml


The solution is to either remove the reference to the standard-element field from "sysAllUserDirectorySetting" or to add the missing standard-element field to the configuration.


How to identify which field(s) cause the issue

1) Go to Provisioning > Import/Export Data Model > Export the Succession Data Model and navigate down to the block <edit-template id="sysAllUserDirectorySetting">

2) Take note of all the standard-element fields defined under this template

3) Log into the instance and navigate to Admin Center > Manage Business Configuration

4) Expand "Employee Profile" and then expand "Standard"

5) Now compare the list of fields in the Succession Data Model XML under the block <edit-template id="sysAllUserDirectorySetting">, with the fields listed in "Standard" element list in Manage Business Configuration to check which standard-element field is not currently enabled in the configuration.

(The reason it is easier to compare here is that if the field is not enabled, it displays an X next to the field). The same check can be performed using only the XML also.

See the below example:



6) Decide to either enable the standard-element field or remove the reference from "sysAllUserDirectorySetting". In our example we chose to add the "gender" field back to the configuration via Manage Business Configuration. This was done by selecting the field, and in the right panel, setting "Enabled" to "Yes" and then clicking "Save".

7) Now once the field has been enabled, navigate back to Provisioning > Import/Export Data Model > Export the Succession Data Model.

8) Then without editing the XML, Import the Succession Data Model that you exported in step 7.

9) Then navigate to Provisioning > Monitor Jobs and verify that the "Synchronize Business Configuration" job has Completed.

10) Log into the instance once more and



If you are a live customer, you will need to open an incident with SAP Cloud Product Support to help resolve this configuration issue. Once resolved you will be able to manage the "sysUserDirectorySetting" View Template via Admin Center > Manage Business Configuration.

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