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2618726 - Syncing the Country of Company between Employee Central and the SuccessFactors Platform


Set up the HRIS sync mapping between Employee Central and the SuccessFactors platform so that you can use Data Protection and Privacy features to purge inactive user data from the system.

An employee's Country is used to verify which of the Data Retention Time Management rules should be followed for the given employees data.

The HRIS sync mapping for the Country is  hard-coded in the system using the Coprorate Address of the Location (Job Information > Location > Corporate Address > Country), but this might not suffice for customer configuration or requirements.

Therefore another option is to synchronize the "Country of Company" (which is derived from the Country of Registration value defined on the Legal Entity) to the Country field in the Platform.

If this sync is not set up correctly, the data purge features for data protection and privacy may not run successfully or retention times may be calculated incorrectly.

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SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central



Please note that as of 1808, the below configuration is not required for the DRTM Master Purge to work for users managed in Employee Central (STE-7555). The data purge function for data protection and privacy is now based directly on the termination date and country records in Employee Central.

  • For termination date, the data purge now uses the end-date of the employment (employmentInfo element)
  • For country, the data purge now uses the country of the Legal Entity

Please note that, there is no harm in maintaining the below sync-mapping if you are maintaining both EC and non-EC users in the system, but note that for the EC users, the DRTm Master Purge will only work based of of the EC data.


Configure the sync-mapping between EC "Country of Company" and Platform "Country"

  1. Navigate to Admin Center > Manage Business Configuration
  2. Expand Employee Central > HRIS Elements > and then select "jobInfo"
  3. Scroll down the list of fields in the right side panel until you find the field with the indentifier "country-of-company"
  4. On the right of this field, click "Details"
  5. Scroll down the the pop-up to the "HRIS Sync Mapping" section, and select the field "Country (country)" from the list. Then click Done.
  6. Then scroll to the bottom and click "Save"




Full HRIS Sync

Once the field and sync-mapping are in place, please work with your Partner or Product Support to schedule and run a Full HRIS Sync for the instance (which will populate the country-of-company field with the end-date value from EC). Please note that any such case request will be treated no higher than a Medium priority. Therefore please plan in advance as requests can take up to 4 weeks to complete.

If you require SAP Cloud Product Support to run this job for you, please provide the following information:

  1. Super Admin User ID (this will be used to run the job - should have Target Population = Everyone and have permission to all EC and EP fields)
  2. Date/Time when the Full Sync job should be scheduled to run (it should always run after the Daily HRIS Sync job has run for the day - see article 2080065 - What is a Full HRIS Sync? - Employee Central  
  3. See Guide Hard-Coded Sync Mapping


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are also configuring the Termination Date sync with companyExitDate - please only create the Full HRIS Sync request with support after both synhc-mappings have been added to the system. For more information please refer to 2614665 - Syncing the Termination Date between Employee Central and the SuccessFactors Platform

Further Notes/Considerations:

  • You must have granted the HRIS Sync user with permission to the new field (companyExitDate) before requesting Product Support to run the Full HRIS Sync job, as well as providing Product Support with the time of day you wish the job to run at - this will ensure we can speed up your request with as little friction as possible.
  • Any further queries in regards to Data Protection and Privacy, please refer to the related handbook.
  • For questions related to Data Protection and Privacy, please ask these questions on the Customer Community forum.

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