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2623217 - Page Layout Is Not Working In Offline Mode.


You have a page layout that is visible in online mode but when you go to offline mode the page layout changes are not visible.


C4C Extended App.

Reproducing the Issue

  1.  In C4C Extended App online mode
  2. Go to Sales Work Center
  3. Go to Opportunities
  4. Open Opportunity ABC (ABC is an opportunity)
  5. You will see the changes done for the respective page layout
  6. Go to Offline Mode
  7. You will notice that the changes done in the page layout are not working for offline mode


The issue results from the instance type and the point in time by when it had been originally selected. The original selection of this instance type had been done at a point in time where it had not yet been supported in offline. Hence, the technical information about the offline binding is missing in the definition of the instance type for the page layout assignment of the opportunity. Since some releases the instance type is offline enabled.


To overcome the current issue in offline you need to reassign to page layouts to the opportunity and then sync offline data again ("Full Sync").

Reassign as follows to ensure writing a new instance type definition now including offline binding:


  1. Open "Adapt --> Assign Page Layout"
  2. Select "Opportunity" business object (shall show current assignments and the instance type "Document Type"; note down your current assignments)
  3. Select empty instance type and confirm the message
  4. Save the changes (you can keep the assignment UI open)
  5. Now select again "Document Type" as instance type (this will create the new instance type definition file in the backend)
  6. Redo you assignments per role and code value
  7. Verify your changes and them


After a new sync (required by all users) the page layout will apply offline as well.


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