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  • How should we use Knowledge Base Articles in SAP Jam?
  • When it is applicable to create a KBA, instead of a Wiki Page?
  • How is a KBA structured?
  • How can we limit the users with access to the KBA?
  • Is it possible to import/export Knowledge Base Articles on SAP Jam?


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  • The idea of Knowledge Base Articles is that KBAs are used to give directions on how to solve an issue or on how to do something or to provide a specific information in a more structured structure.
  • KBAs have sections predetermined in the template. For example, the template for a How-to Article is divided by Description, Step-by-step Instructions and Additional Information.
  • Knowledge Base Articles and Wiki Pages can be used interchanged, but the idea is Wiki Pages are intended to be used in a more open situation to provide general information in a less structured structure, while KBAs provide a situation-specific solution or information, as stated above.
  • As Wiki Pages, KBAs are group related, they will be created inside a group and their group members will have the access to it depending on the Permissions set during their creation as described below.

To create a KBA:

  1. Go to the Group where you want to publish the KBA
  2. Click Knowledge Base on the left bar
  3. Click +Knowledge Base Article
  4. Choose the Template to use to create the KBA
  5. Write each of the KBA sections
  6. Click Publish
  7. Then a pop-up will be opened and you will be able to select the Permissions as one of the below to restrict the access to the KBA:
    • Hidden: Only the KBA creator and the Group Admins will be able to read or edit the KBA.
    • Limited: Any group member will be able to read it, but only the Group Admins and the KBA creator will be able to edit it.
    • Full: Everyone on the group will be able to read and edit the KBA.

Q. Is it possible to import/export Knowledge Base Articles on SAP Jam?

A. No, currently there is no feature available to accomplish this request.

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