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2624742 - How to Configure Data Privacy Consent - Onboarding 1.0


  • SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding 1.0 introduced Data Privacy Consent feature in to be compliant with European Union General Data Protection Regulation
  • How to enable Data Privacy Consent?
  • How to add Statement Consent?

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SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding


EU General Data Protection Regulation Compliance


For Live Customer(s), Implementation Partner(s), and Consultant(s)

SAP SuccessFactors values data protection as essential and is fully committed to help customers complying with applicable regulations – including the requirements imposed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

By delivering features and functionalities that are designed to strengthen data protection and security customers get valuable support in their compliance efforts. However it remains customer’s responsibility to evaluate legal requirements and implement, configure and use the features provided by SAP SuccessFactors in compliance with all applicable regulations. Learn how to configure and use Data Protection and Privacy features.



  • Data Privacy Consent Statement 2.0 
  • Data Privacy Consent (Onboarding 1.0)
  • RBP Settings should have this enabled - Manage System Properties > Data Privacy Consent Statement Settings


How to Enable Data Privacy Consent Statement 2.0

Customers should contact SAP SuccessFactors Cloud Product Support to enable Data Privacy Consent Statement 2.0 feature at the back end. Please utilizSAP Expert Chat or Support case and follow the template when creating an case and provide the needed information below.

  • Subject: KBA 2624742 - Enable Data Privacy Consent Statement 2.0
  • Component: LOD-SF-PLT

Problem Description:

  1. BizX Company ID 
    • [Insert affected instance]
  1. Permission to Enable Data Privacy Consent Statement 2.0
    • [Insert approval]
  1. Username for Support Access (Read the agreement below)
    • [Insert Username]
  • May we have your approval for accessing your system environment to continue request? (Reply with your confirmation and username to access, refer to KBA listed below)
  • With your approval, accessing your system environment you agree for the actions we will take below.
    1. Review the data of affected users and compare it to those users who are working as expected.
    2. Capture screenshots/record screen clips of the issue.
    3. Analyze your system configuration
  • To know how to grant support access to SAP Cloud Product Support, please read the full article on 'How to Grant Support Access to SuccessFactors Support Staff' by clicking the reference KBA 2088892.


How to Enable Data Privacy Consent (Onboarding 1.0)

  • Step 1: Logon to SAP SuccessFactors HCM and go to Admin Center
  • Step 2: In Tools, find and select Manage Onboarding Settings
  • Step 3: Click the Feature tab in Onboarding Settings
  • Step 4: Find Data Privacy Consent under Misc section

    SAPSUPPORT-00021 05-18-2019 8.51.48 AM.png

  • Step 5: Read the description of the feature and once agreed, click Activate

    SAPSUPPORT-00017 05-18-2019 8.20.34 AM.png


How To Create Data Privacy Consent Statement

  • Step 1: log in to SAP SuccessFactors HCM and go to Admin Center
  • Step 2: In Tools, find and select Data Privacy Statement
  • Step 3: In Manage Data Privacy Consent Statements, Click Create New Statement
  • Step 4: Create a New Statement by configuring the following statement fields:
Field Description
(1) Name The name of the statement. Once you create the statement, you cannot change the Name field.
(2) Type
  • Login: This statement displays when a user first logs in to SAP SuccessFactors. The user must accept the statement to use SAP SuccessFactors system. This statement SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite privacy statement.
  • Recruiting Internal: This statement displays before an internal candidate completes a candidate profile or applies for a job.
  • Recruiting External: This statement displays before an external candidate can create a candidate profile. The candidate must accept the statement to proceed.
  • Third Party: This statement displays before a third party user can enter their data.
  • Onboarding Internal: This statement is shown to onboarding internal users before they can enter their data. Users must accept the statement to proceed. 
  • Onboarding External: This statement is shown to onboarding external users before they can enter their data. Users must accept the statement to proceed. 
  • Onboarding External 2.0: Onboarding 2.0 has DPCS specific to onboarding external users until they are hired. This statement is shown to onboarding external users before they can enter their data. Users must accept the statement to proceed.
(3) Redirect URL for Decline Enter a site address for users who decline the Data Privacy Consent Statement.


If the Type is selected as Onboarding Internal or Onboarding External, it is mandatory to provide a redirect URL if Data Privacy Consent Statement is declined.
(4) Assigned Countries When a user's country matches the country configured for the statement, the statement displays. You can only configure one statement per country for each type of statement (Login, Recruiting Internal, Recruiting External, Onboarding Internal, and Onboarding External). There is also a Set this as system default statement checkbox so that you can set a default statement to use for employees not associated with a country or for employees who are in a country that has not been associated with a statement.
  • Reference Image

  • SAPSUPPORT-00025 05-18-2019 9.13.42 AM.png

  • Step 5: After the general settings are configured, click the Statement Message tab to create the default statement
  • Step 6: Enter the Title for the default statement in the title field
  • Step 7: Enter the text for the default statement in the Statement Message field. The default statement displays when a statement is not available in a users chosen (default) language

  • SAPSUPPORT-00024 05-18-2019 9.13.34 AM.png

  • Step 8: Click the Print Preview link to display a preview of your statement. This is a useful step while editing and finalizing the statement message text before publishing it to your users
  • Step 9: To add translated statements, click Add Language and select from the configured languages in the dropdown menu. Enter the translated Statement Message for each language
  • Step 10: Click the Save As Draft button to save your work if you are not ready to publish
    Step 11: After you have added all the translations and when you are ready for the statement to appear to your users, click the Save & Publish button. If the statement is not published, it is not visible to the users. Each time a statement is published, a new version is created.


How to Show the Statement to New Hires in Onboarding New Employee Step Login page

The field DivCountry in candidates record should have a value that is same with the assigned countries in Data Privacy Statement. The value should be populated before end of Post-Hire Verification Step (PHV). The DivCountry field is populated automatically if the country in Level 1 (Company) Corporate Structure is populated and DivCode is assigned to new hire from Recruiting to Onboarding or manual population in the first panel.

  • SAPSUPPORT-00027 05-18-2019 9.29.34 AM.png


Expected Result After Successful Configuration

  • When new hire click the paperwork link, New Employee Step landing page will show
  • The Data Privacy Consent Statement will show after the new hire click the agreement checkbox
  • A dialog box will appear at the center and the new hire to review the consent
  • After the new hire successfully read the terms, the button Accept and Decline is available at the bottom of the dialog box


  • SAPSUPPORT-00032 05-18-2019 11.42.03 AM.png
  • SAPSUPPORT-00033 05-18-2019 11.43.19 AM.png



If the new hire selected the Decline button, the page will automatically load the link added in Redirect URL for Decline field of the Data Privacy Statement.


Review and Revoke Consent Statement

  • The new hire have the ability to review again the consent statement anytime by clicking the button at the bottom of the page
  • The consent statement dialog box will appear at the center for the new hire to review the data privacy terms
  • The Decline button will be available again at the bottom of the statement if the new hire decided to postpone the data gathering


  • SAPSUPPORT-00034 05-18-2019 11.48.11 AM.png


For Implementation Partner(s), and Consultant(s)

Below are some couple of reminders when enabling this feature.

  • Ensure that BizX Connection in Onboarding back end is complete
  • The following option keys (BX.Urls.OData, BX.Urls.Base, and BX.OAuth.Secret) must have the necessary values

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