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2625715 - Language Adaptation: Your Translated Texts Vanish


You translated some text using the Language Adaptation tool and when you translate different text using the same Adaptation the previously translated text vanishes.


SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Administrator work centre.
  2. Click the Language Adaptations link.
  3. Click New.
  4. Enter an ID and name which will let you recognize what this adaptation is for.
  5. Enter both the Source and the Target language as needed.
  6. Click Edit.
  7. Under the Text Pool Selection facet, select the types of text you wish to collect. In our example we will select Get Analytical Report Texts.
  8. Then select the work centers you need. In our example, we will select Analysis (note: for performance reasons it is recommended not to select too many work centers at once).
  9. Click Collect Texts.
  10. Go to the Report Texts facet.
  11. Enter the Target Text as needed.
  12. Save. (This can take a while, depending on the selection).
  13. The target text should now show up as expected in the target language (logon to the system using the target language to check).
  14. Go to the Text Pool Selection.
  15. Uncheck the previous selection (in our example: uncheck Get Analytical Report Texts) and check a different text type, for example Get UI Texts.
  16. Click Collect Texts.
  17. Save.

RESULT: The previously made translations are no longer available and if you go to the facet Report Texts, they are not available. You now only have UI Texts available.


The Text Pool Selection offers you a selection of text types to be collected (UI Texts, Code Texts, Message Texts and Analytical Report Texts). When you select one and click Collect Texts, that type of text is gathered by the system. When you uncheck a selection and select a different text type and re-collect the texts, the system will collect only those text types, which are selected. Even if you had a text type checked first, once you change the selection and click the Collect Texts button again, they get deleted.


Create different Language Adaptations for the different Text Types you want to collect. It is expected system behaviour that only the selected text types will be available after the Collect Text action.


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