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2625881 - How to Send Purchase Orders Electronically to a Supplier


You are trying to set up the electronic transmission of Purchase Orders to a Supplier.


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First you need to scope the question ‘Do you want to send purchase orders electronically to your suppliers using electronic data exchange (EDX)?’ (EDX represents Electronic Data Exchange).

  1. Go to Business Configuration work center.
  2. Select Implementation Projects view.
  3. Highlight the relevant Implementation Project.
  4. Click Edit Project Scope.
  5. Click Next until you reach step 4 Questions.
  6. Show All Elements.
  7. Extend the Scoping 'Elements Purchasing' and 'Purchase Request and Order Management'.
  8. Select the Scoping Element 'Communication for Purchase Request and Order Management'.
  9. On the right side of the screen you can see the questions related to this Scoping Element.
  10. Find the question ‘Do you want to send purchase orders electronically to your suppliers using electronic data exchange (EDX)?’.
  11. For this question mark the check box for ‘In Scope’.
  12. Click Next and then Finish the Project Scope.

Now a new Communication Arrangement called 'Purchase Order Integration' will be available in the system. This Communication Arrangement will not be deployed automatically but has to be added manually.

  1. Go to Application and User Management work center.
  2. Select the Communication Arrangements view.
  3. Click on New.
  4. In the Communication Scenarios list search for and highlight ‘Purchase Order Integration’.
  5. Enter the necessary data for the Communication Arrangement and Finish the Communication Arrangement.
  6. Go back to the Communication Arrangements view.
  7. 'Purchase Order Integration' is now available in the list with status 'Active'.
  8. Click on the Communication Arrangement name to open the overview screen.
  9. Here you can download the WSDL file for Inbound as well as Outbound Communication Services.
  10. Click on Download WSDL.
  11. The File Explorer will open.
  12. Choose where you want to save your WSDL file (e.g. Desktop).
  13. Click View All.
  14. Go to Technical Data tab.
  15. If you are using Inbound Communication, click on Edit Credentials.
  16. Enter the User ID, User Account and Password (or Certificate) that the Supplier will use to send Purchase Order Confirmations to your system.
  17. For Outbound Communication you need to choose an Authentication Method.
  18. If you choose User ID and Password, click on Edit Credentials and maintain the User ID and Password you will use to send the Purchase Orders to the Supplier.
  19. If you choose the Authentication Method ‘SSL Client Certificate’, maintain the relevant Certificate.
  20. Click Save and Reactivate.

The downloaded WSDL files together with the User ID and Password (or Certificate) maintained in the Communication arrangement will now enable you to send Purchase Orders electronically to you Supplier and your Supplier will be able to send Purchase Order Confirmations electronically to your system.


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