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2626473 - Health Check: 'System cannot assign BTM items of type XYZ' OR 'Assignment of type XYZ BTM items not possible'


You receive the following diagnostic message from the system via a health check.

Message: 'System cannot assign BTM items of type XYZ' (Where XYZ represents the task ID). Or: 'Assignment of type XYZ BTM items not possible'.

The system cannot determine an appropriate user to whom the items can be distributed. As a result, the items do not appear in the worklist of any users, which can result in delays in the business processes affected.


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These health check incidents are raised in case there are tasks which are in unassigned status, since the person responsible for the task cannot be determined.


Generally, you can follow the steps below as resolution for these health check incidents.

  1. Go to the Administrator work center.
  2. Go to the Business Task Management view.
  3. Select the query: Unassigned Items.
  4. Click Go.
  5. To determine why an item has not been assigned to a user, select it and open the most recent application log.
  6. Solve the issue by, for example, adjusting the work distribution settings or work center view assignments to ensure that the potential user responsible has the necessary work center assignment.
  7. You can adjust the work distribution settings under Administrator → General Settings → Employee Work Distribution.
  8. You can also adjust the work center view assignments under User and Access Management → Business Users or User and Access Management → Support and Technical Users.
  9. After you have made the relevant changes, return to the Business Task Management view, select the relevant item, and choose Determine Assignment.
  10. You can also manually assign the item to the employee responsible by selecting it in the Business Task Management view and clicking on Actions → Assign Item. For any task, you can assign the responsible user to the task or you can delete/cancel the task.
  11. The system assigns the item according to your changes and removes it from the list.

Note: If more than one key user has access to the Administrator work center, the full list of Tasks for which no user is responsible can be distributed between these key users.

Note: If you are still unable to solve the issue, report the incident to SAP.

In the incident, include the type of Business Task Management Item specified in the message text of the Health Check incident you received, as well as any further related information.

Do not forward the incident you received to SAP, since it is closed automatically if you assign the item manually.

To avoid delays in the business processes affected while the incident you have reported is being solved, you can manually assign the item(s) to the employee(s) responsible by selecting it and choosing Action and then Assign Item.


To effectively work with this view, your user needs to have the BTM work centre view assigned.

You find this under the work centre SEODADMINWCF – Administrator, the users need to have access to the view: BAS_BUSINESSTASKMANAGEMENT - Business Task Management (highlighted in: BTM_access_missing.jpg).


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