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2628003 - What falls within the purview of Product Support team for SAP Jam Features?


  • Scope of SAP Jam support team?
  • Is it SAP Jam support or professional service or can be performed by self service capabilities?
  • When should the issue be handled by SAP Jam? When should the issue be handled by other teams ?


 SAP Jam Collaboration


SAP Jam Support team ownership:

Subject Area Topic
Specific to BizX connected SAP Jam Manual BizX-Jam sync
BizX- Jam integration (service request)
Enable Social Onboarding
Enable restricted access
Change SFAPI username to fix BizX - Jam sync
Specific to IAS connected SAP Jam Default Name ID Format change for IAS connected Jam
IAS - Jam integration (re-integration)
Enable LMS integration for IAS connected Jam
Applicable for both BizX & IAS connected SAP Jam Granting company admin access when no active company admin
Custom terminology
Company Name change
Upgrade Jam edition
Company ID change
Custom Sub-domain
External user license upsell/downsell
Media Config
Configure Strings/ Changing labels in Jam

Self Service capabilities which Customers can do themselves:

Subject Area (Jam Admin console) Topic
Users  User Management
Admin areas   Admin areas
Admin access
Branding     Web Branding
Custom Header
Web Branding
Mobile Branding
Email Template
Integrations            External Applications
OAuth Clients
OpenSocial Gadgets
SAML Local Service Provider
SAML Local Identity Provider
SAML Trusted IDPs
Employee Central
SuccessFactors Foundation
Product Setup           Features
Custom Home Page
Custom Profile
Custom Quick Tour
Knowledge Base
Groups management
Group Template
Content templates
Third Party Analytics
BizX Admin Center      
Grant/ Revoke Jam permisison 
Grant Employee Export permission
Sync the changed User details to reflect in Jam
Password reset/ Change user password
IAS admin     
Provision Users to SAP Jam
Update user profile
Jam integration settings in IAS
LMS admin 
 Type 2 integration

For Implementation partners / PS service:

Configurations needs to be fulfilled by PS/ implementation Comments
Development using Jam API Custom Development
Initial setup of SAP Jam SSO with customer's IdP Service Request
Designing of the homepages / overview pages Service Request

How to engage with a Certified SAP Partner? 

Please reach out to our Partners today to engage with an expert.

Steps to engage a Certified SAP Partner directly

  1. Visit our "Find and SAP Partner" page,
  2. Click the "Search the SAP Partner Finder" button.
  3. You can then use the filter options in the left navigation panel to find a Certified Partner based on your needs.
  4. Partners can provide quotes and estimates based on your needs.

Please note that each Partner may determine the types of services they offer for customers. Pricing can vary between Partners. There are a number of Partners that are happy to perform the types of changes/implementations listed here.

Steps to engage with SAP Professional Services

=> Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Customer Engagement Executive or your Sales Representative to get engaged.

=> You can also follow the KBA: 2149831

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