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2629840 - Unable to Update the Job Data in RMK - Recruiting Marketing


This article explains how job data is updated in RMK in change feeds as well as in full feeds.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Change a field value in a job requisition
  2. Wait for a full-feed or if you have realtime job sync feature, wait some minutes
  3. The change was not reflected in the job posted in RMK


The job requisition field is mapped to a RMK field that is not a key field.


Job data extracted from an Applicant Tracking System (e.g. RCM)  can be transfered as a change or full-feed. A change could be time-based (e.g. hourly) or event driven (e.g. new job published or updated). When RMK is processing a change, any existing jobs are updated based on the new data received, new jobs would be created, and requests to delete a job would be processed to make the job inactive. On the other hand, the full-feed includes all the active jobs at the time the data is extracted from the ATS and sent to RMK. Besides update fields in jobs, the full-feed also determines if any active jobs in RMK from this source are no longer in the feed. If there are such active jobs, they would be made inactive.

With a full-feed or change, the incoming data is compared with the existing data in RMK, based on a sub-set of data values that are hashed to determine the job's “key”. For jobs that are unchanged, based on this key comparison, the incoming data is ignored. Any changes, as well as new jobs would be reflected in RMK.

The key for each job is derived from the following RMK job fields:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Location
  • ApplyURL
  • Adcode
  • Customfield1, Customfield2, Customfield3, Customfield4, Customfield5
  • AgentEligible
  • Postalcode

We can conclude the following:

  • For any changes in a job requisition (e.g. recruiter changing a field value) for fields that are mapped to the above mentioned RMK fields, the jobs in RMK will be updated in a change or full-feed event;
  • If an administrator changes the mapping of a field in the ATS to a RMK field (not a key field), the job data will not be updated unless all the jobs are unposted and reposted from the ATS to RMK.

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