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2630586 - The Account Refresh Process for Onboarding 1.0


  • How to refresh instance
  • Cloning Production Instance to Preview Instance
  • Refresh Preview Instance with configuration from Production Instance
  • Migrate Staging Instance to Preview Environment
  • Need to mirror Production Environment in Development Environment


SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding 1.0


For implementation or testing purposes, Live Customer(s), Implementation Partner(s), or Consultant(s) may want to copy the data and configuration of Instance A (SOURCE) to Instance B (TARGET).

Type of Request Description
Onboarding Account Migration A clone of the Source account will be made at the specified Destination. The Source account will be deleted post activity. Please engage with an SAP Certified Partners, Consultants, or SAP Professional Services
Onboarding Account Refresh A clone of the Source account will be made at the specified Destination. The Destination account and all associated data will be deleted prior to activity.

In addition, please take note that this article is dedicated for SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding refresh, for other module specific refresh request kindly review the KBA 2277508


For Go-Live Customer(s)

Please engage with your SAP Certified Partners,or Consultants, as they are responsible for this type of action.

For Live Customer(s)

If you are engaged with SAP Certified Partners, or Consultants, you must first direct your request through them. In the event you have no SAP Certified Partners, or Consultants, you may file a request with our support team by following the instructions below.

  • Step 1: Review below guidelines needs to be considered when requesting an Onboarding Account Refresh

To ensure a smooth refresh please ensure that there is no ongoing implementation changes being performed in your target instance by either one of the following:

    • Customer Internal Implementation
    • SAP Certified Partners or Consultants
    • SAP Professional Services

Since the refresh activity is a one to one "copy and paste" from the source to the destination environment, please note that any customizations only present in the target instance will be overwritten. This includes (but not limited to):

    • Any existing configuration currently present only in the target instance (For example, from ongoing implementations or other related activities)
    • Any configuration change requests that was only performed in the target instance
    • Any other configuration only present in the target for testing purposes 
  • Step 2: Download Onboarding Account Refresh Form and fill in the information. If the fields are unclear, and you do not know any information, see KBA 2378333
  • Step 3: Please reach out to SAP SuccessFactors Cloud Product Support in SAP One Support Launchpad via Support case by following the template when creating a request and provide the needed information below.
    • Subject: KBA 2630586 - Onboarding AccountRefresh
    • Component: LOD-SF-OBD-SCR
    • Problem Description:
  1. Onboarding Account Refresh
    • [Insert and attached the request form with information needed]
  1. Written Permission to Proceed with Refresh
    • [Insert approval in .msg format and attach via case with confidential marking]
  1. Username for Support Access (Read the agreement below)
    • [Insert Username]
  • May we have your approval for accessing your system environment to continue request? (Reply with your confirmation and username to access, refer to KBA listed below)
  • With your approval, accessing your system environment you agree for the actions we will take below.
    1. Review the data of affected users and compare it to those users who are working as expected.
    2. Capture screenshots/record screen clips of the issue.
    3. Analyze your system configuration
  • To know how to grant support access to SAP Cloud Product Support, please read the full article on 'How to Grant Support Access to SuccessFactors Support Staff' by clicking the reference KBA 2088892.
  • Step 4: Assigned support will review the attached document
  • Step 5: (Optional) Set a meeting with support to be aligned with Onboarding Account Refresh
  • Step 6: Once Onboarding Account Refresh is completed, support will need to finish the post-refresh activities
  • Step 7: Support will confirm that refresh is completed
  • Step 8: Customer who requested refresh should test and verify if there's an issue with the requested activity by following KBA 2630667
  • Step 9: Please confirm the case once post-refresh health check is completed without issue 


  • As of 04/16/2019 there is no cost involved for instance refreshes
  • Please allow our internal team to complete the request at least 2 to 3 weeks for your request to be completed
  • If issue arise after the request completion, please re-open the case to confirm if issue is related to refresh 

For Implementation Partner(s) and Consultant(s)

Learn how Implementation Partners and Consultants request an Onboarding Account Refresh and Migration? See KBA 2278276

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a refresh?
    A Refresh is the process of fully overwriting the database schema of an instance with the image of another. All contents of the TARGET account will be permanently dropped and replaced with the contents of the SOURCE account.
  • Will there be any downtime involved as part of the refresh?
    here is no downtime for your source instance as part of the refresh. There will be downtime for your target instance, which is usually only for a few hours (but can vary depending on the nature of your request).
  • How much is the instance refresh request per Onboarding Account?
    At this time, there is no cost involved for instance refresh.
  • What is the expected turn-around-time for a refresh or migration to complete.
    Please submit the request 2 weeks before the date you need the refresh or migration to be completed.

  • How much notice do I need to provide for my preferred date to be available?
    We need you to submit refresh request between 5 and 10 business days prior to the requested refresh date.

    SAP’s Operations team has a timeframe of 5 business days to schedule an Instance Refresh. If the refresh case is created prior to 10 days, CPS engineers have rights to close the case.


    Target instance Provisioning integration backup will be taken on the day the internal ticket is created. If any integration settings is changed between the case submitted date and refresh scheduled date, then those changes will not be reflect in the target instance. For example: If Onboarding is not enabled in the target instance on the date the refresh request is submitted and this configuration is enabled in between case submitted date and the refresh scheduled date, Onboarding will not be presented on the Target instance after the refresh.

  • What is the process for masking email addresses in the target instance?
    If foundation import is enabled and email addresses of test users in BizX had been changed to a dummy address (By customer); Support will run the sync to sync dummy emails to Onboarding. Otherwise, our suggestion is to have the email redirection feature enabled in Onboarding Superadmin. See KB article 2546134
  • Can I have the target instance data scrambled?
    Scrambling of data is not part of Instance refresh. Any sensitive information requiring modification will be the sole responsibility of the customer Admin.
  • When will the refreshed instance be ready to use?
    3-5 days after support mentioned that request has been completed.


  • Refresh team has stopped copying the Prod data to Preview and vice versa while performing refresh / copy requests. Document center is also not copied as part of refresh but it is activated if requested. If you still want these to be copied, please mention in the last Comments section in the downloaded xlsx file with justificiation.


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