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2631767 - Managers Are Unable to See Employees From Some of Their Subordinate Org Units


You as a manager are not able to find the employees of an org unit which is four or more levels below you in the reporting line.


You are the manager for org unit ORG1 and the structure is as follows (ORG2 is below ORG1, ORG3 is below ORG2 etc.):




In this case, you are able to see employees from units ORG1, ORG2 and ORG3, but not from ORG4 or any org unit below it.

Please note: ORG1, ORG2, ORG3 and ORG4 are examples representing actual org unit IDs that might exist in your system.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Managing My Area work center
  2. Select My Team


Relevant is the reporting line hierarchy. The system has been designed so that managers can only see employees from the org units of the first three reporting levels below them (including the org unit to which they are assigned as managers).

For example:

A is the manager of ORG1 - This is considered as Level I
B is the manager of ORG2 and directly reports to A - This is considered as Level II
C is the manager of ORG3 and reports to B who then reports to A - This is considered as Level III

X who is an employee of ORG3 and reports to C who then reports to B who then reports to A - This is considered as Level IV.

Therefore X will not be shown anymore from A

A, B, C represent Manager's Name

X is the name of employee


In this respect, the individual organizational assignment of each manager (where he is actually reporting to) is relevant. Above scenario is straightforward and every manager reports to the next higher level. But this is not always the case. Example: B as manager of ORG2 might be employee of an org unit on a completely different branch of the organisation and reports to the manager there. In this case, manager A will not be able to see the team of manager B (ORG2).

An organisation can be organized according to  different logical structures. For example, the cost center structure might be different from the reporting line structure. The visible org structure in the system follows a best fit logic to illustrate all existing hierarchies as best as possible in one view. Therefore, the actual reporting line structure might be slightly different to what you can see in the system. To find the relevant reporting line structure, it is therefore important to check the managers for their individual organizational assignment.


This is the standard system behavior.

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