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2633377 - Duplicate Check for Business Partners


Duplicate check is not working while trying to create an Account with Different Account Name but Same address, Phone and Email ID details as already existing in system.


This is because in scoping questions, the following question is selected :

Do you want to perform a duplicate check for business partners with strong rules?

The selected question can be found by following the below steps :
1) Go to Business Configuration work center
2) Select Implementation Projects view
3) Go to Edit Project Scope
4) Navigate to Step 4 : Questions
5) Select scoping element General Business Data and Expand
6) Further expand Business Partners and Select Handling of Business Partners

In the right section, there will be questions for Duplicate Check for Business Partners.


In order to get duplicates check work for the above mentioned scenario, you should change to the profile for a Medium Check or even a Weak check by selecting the respective scoping questions :

Do you want to perform a duplicate check for business partners with medium rules? 


Do you want to perform a duplicate check for business partners with weak rules?

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Also, there is an Activity in Business Configuration: Duplicate Check Weighting for Business Partners, in which you can change the weighting to assign a different weighting to the different fields that are relevant for the duplicate check.

Moreover, in general Name is weighted higher than other aspects of the business partner while performing the check.
Business Partner duplicate check considers the following attributes for comparison while determining potential duplicates:
1) Name fields
2) Address data
3) Identification data

Each of the above will have a different effect/contribution on the overall ranking values. For example, a good match in the Names should result in greater ranking value when compared to a good match in address with little match in the names.


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