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2634068 - Interview Scheduling- Find Availability for multiple interviewers


FAQs on how the 'Find Availability' feature works when multiple interviewers have been added to an interview for a candidate through Interview Scheduling.

  • When multiple interviewers are added, does the availability of slots show in the order the Interviewers are added?
  • Does the system show the names of the Interviewers available, or does it just show available times that are common to all of the interviewers?
  • Does the tool only show the full time slot during which all interviewers are available? In other words, if there are 8 interviewers spanning across 6 hours, will SF look for day when a majority of the interviewers are open for the same 6 hour window?
  • Does the system support multiple interviewers of differing durations for an interview (e.g. a 1 hour interview, with interviewer #1 available for 1 hour, interviewer #2 available for 30 minutes)


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  • When you click on Find Availability for multiple interviewers, the system will only show those slots where all the interviewers are available at the same time. If one of the interviewers is not available at that time, the system will not show that slot as available. You have an option to check availability for only those interviewers that are available even if some are not. To do that, you can check the option "Show slots if some interviewers are not available".
  • The system will identify only the available slots that are common to all of the interviewers, the names will not be displayed.
  • If you have 8 interviewers (for the same interview) and the slot if for 6 hours, then the system would look for a 6 hour slot where all 8 are free.
  • This scenario is not supported by Interview Scheduling. It is the expectation that all interviewers will be available for the length of the entire interview. Scheduling an interview of this type is not supported.


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