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2634150 - Analytics & Reporting - Configuration Changes & Scope of Cloud Product Support


What changes to Analytics & Reporting can be handled by the Customer, Partner, Support and by an implementation team?


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Most configuration changes can be performed in the Admin Center/Analytics Admin/UI and do not require engagement from SAP Cloud Product Support, however there are other changes which would require access to Provisioning or may require you to leverage SAP Professional Services or an Implementation Partner.

1.Changes that can be performed through the Admin Center/Analytics Admin/UI:

The below Analytics & Reporting features can be configured or changed directly from the UI and do not require SAP Cloud Product Support’s engagement.

Report Center – Admin Center/UI

Analytics Admin/UI

  • User Maintenance > Further details available via KBA 2397730
  • Bulk User Load > Further details available via KBA 2151880
  • Roles Maintenance > Further details available via KBA 2151880
  • Site Statistics > Further details available via KBA 2151880
  • FTP Configuration > Further details available via KBA 2151880
  • Question Maintenance > Further details available via KBA 2151880
  • Report Transfer > Further details available via KBA 2151880
  • Instance Validation > Further details available via KBA 2151880
  • WFA Measure/dimension overrides > Further details available via KBA 2162891
  • Headlines (create/edit/delete) > Further details available via KBA 2337072
  • Resources section (add/delete/organize documents) > Further details available via KBA 2259988

2.Changes that cannot be performed from Admin Center/Analytics Admin/UI and require further engagement from SAP Cloud Product Support:

There could be multiple types of changes that you may need to perform to be able to use the Analytics & Reporting functionalities.

The below features can be enabled by SAP SuccessFactors Support:

  • Enabling key features & Configuration changes
    • Workforce Analytics (WFA) Provisioning Switches changes
    • Online Report Designer (ORD) & Advanced Reporting (ODS) enablement > further details available via KBA 2291236
    • Spreadsheet Report Definition Files (RDF) upload > further details available via KBA 2189132
    • Workforce Analytics (WFA) on HANA > further details available via KBA 2581517
    • BIRT Publisher > further details available via KBA 2248188
    • Data Model & Template Changes > Module Teams can help with this
  • Performing specific requests
    • Data Reload > further details available via KBA 2276691
    • Org cross reference maintenance (e.g. master reference re-designation)
    • Headlines (enable/disable)
    • Purge Analytics cache
    • Workforce Analytics (WFA) Measure Template maintenance (upload/edit/reassign)
    • Advanced Reporting maintenance (implement/reload/reconfigure)
    • Troubleshooting & changes to any Reports developed by SAP professional services team
  • JOB Schedule
    • Create or modify Report Job Schedules (if you are not using the Report Center) 

3.Change requests that are Out of Scope for SAP Cloud Product Support and are considered Implementation Requests:

For any Implementation or Custom Specific Request, SAP Professional Services or an Implementation Partner should be engaged to ensure your Business Processes are understood correctly and requirements are implemented as per your business needs. For this reason Implementation Requests are not supported by SAP Cloud Product Support.

Note: Some steps are out of Reporting and Analytics scope as it falls under Module scope

What is an Implementation or Custom Specific Request in Analytics & Reporting?

Follow the below guidelines to identify what are the Implementation Requests

  • Preparing the Instance for EC Advanced Reporting Implementation such as Data Model, Business Configuration, Configure Object Definitions (MDF Object definition) changes
  • Preparing the Instance for Ad Hoc Reports such as Data Model, Module Specific Switches configuration and Templates Configuration or changes
  • WFA configuration (create/edit/delete measures/analysis options/structures)
  • WFA cube copying between instances (SAP Store)
  • Installing and Validating Report
  • Report & Query Creation (Ad Hoc, Advanced & Detailed Reporting, Dashboards, Tiles, BIRT, Spreadsheet)
  • Troubleshooting of custom Reports & YouCalc tiles developed by third party (not by SAP professional services team) OR developed in third party application

 Analytics & Reporting Implementation or Customer Specific Requests?

If you are a Customer and looking to implement new Business Processes, key features or create Custom Specific report, then you can engage with either SAP Professional Services or an Implementation Partner as described below:

  • You can engage SAP Professional Services via your Customer Success Manager or Customer Engagement Executive
  • You can find and engage to an SAP Partner directly via the Find and SAP Partner portal page.
    Note: each Partner may determine the types of services they offer for customers. Pricing can vary between Partners. There are a number of Partners that are happy to perform the types of changes/implementations listed here.

If you are a Partner and require support during your implementation, please reach out to SAP Cloud Product Support if required.


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