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2635168 - Customer Invoice Rebate Is Posted To Debit And Credit Side of the Sales Discount Account


You have a customer invoice that contains a rebate posting, and you believe that the posting is incorrect. It is appearing on a discount account and showing as both a debit and credit posting.


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Reproducing the Issue

You have an active rebate agreement in place that is applied to a Customer Invoice when there is a combination of the specific Customer Account and a Specific Product.

If you check the Journal entry of the Customer Invoice with rebate you notice:

Invoice: ABC (ABC stands for invoice number) with an amount of, say, 180,00 LC (LC stands for Local Currency)
Journal Entry: DEF (DEF stand for Journal Entry number)

Debit:   Trade debtors-domestic: 180,00 LC
Credit:  VAT payable-output tax: 30,00 LC
Credit:  Sales -revenue: 150,00 LC

You notice the following accrual postings:

Credit: customer discounts allowed 7,50 LC
Debit: customer discounts allowed 7,50 LC
In rebate agreement the accrual rate is here 5% ( 5% of 180,00 LC = 7,50 LC)

You now want to know why the system is not using an accrual account and also why is there a debit and credit posting on it.


Accrual postings happen when a rebate-relevant billing document is transferred to accounting, so that the funds are available later during the settlement. Settlement happens when a rebate agreement is scheduled and settled so that system calculates rebate payment amount based on the cumulated sales volume and creates a rebate credit memo.


When an Invoice document is released, the amount that is relevant for accrual should be cumulated, this should not have any implications on the total value of the document. The amount is posted as a debit and credit amount, so when the posting to accrual account happens the total values are the same.

Rebates currently do not have a separate accrual account for ledger posting, the account for discounts is used for rebates accrual postings.

The credit amount corresponds to Rebate Settlement Due Rate (%).

Debit amount corresponds to Accrual Rate (%) which can be seen in the pricing tab of Invoice that is posted.


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