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2635413 - Upload Failure when importing from an On-Premise BW Datasource in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)


Upload Failure in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

Importing data from SAP Business Warehouse fails with the following error messages;

  • "(!) Failed Upload - An internal server error occurred in the SAP Analytics Cloud agent: Result set is too large; data retrieval restricted by configuration"
  • “Preparing model creation...”

Tomcat logs for Tomcat host SAP Analytics Cloud Agent may show:

  • "BW ResultSet: SIZE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED - Result set is too large; data retrieval restricted by configuration"
  • # Unexpected problem during tunnel processing in channel ... ... Reason: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host...
  • # Unregistered tunnel channel


  • SAP Analytics Cloud 2018.7.1

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Connect to SAP Analytics Cloud 
  2. Create an Import Data Connection to SAP Business Warehouse
  3. Initiate the Create > Model workflow
  4. Attempt to Create Query from a BW Query
  5. Notice the failure during upload
  6. Verify that the BW Safety Belt is not configured


When BICS_DA_RESULT_SET_LIMIT_DEF and BICS_DA_RESULT_SET_LIMIT_MAX are not set the system uses the default of 500,000 data cells where the number of data cells is calculated by multiplying the number of rows (distinct combinations of the characteristics members) with the number of key figures/measures.


Recommended Solutions:

Alternative Solution:

  • Increasing the BW Safety Belt (Not Recommended)
    Set BICS_DA_RESULT_SET_LIMIT_DEF and BICS_DA_RESULT_SET_LIMIT_MAX to a large enough value to accomodate the data cells returned by your query per SAP Note 1127156 - Safety belt: Result set is too large
  • Negative Implications of increasing the BW Safety Belt
    • Increasing the BW Safety Belt may result in a negative impact on the BW system performance and, if too high, cause out-of-memory dumps. It will also affect all other front-end applications, like Analysis for Office, SAP BI WebI, etc.
    • You may receive errors such as "An internal server error occurred in the Data Acquisition Service" requiring the increase of JVM memory settings for the Tomcat server where SAP Analytics Cloud Agent is deployed.

      Increasing Tomcat JVM Memory
      1. Navgiate to your Tomcat directory's "Bin" folder and Run "Tomcat8w.exe" as an Administrator
      2. Navigate to the "Java" tab
      3. At the bottom increase the values of "Initial Memory Pool" and "Maximum Memory Pool" such as 1024 and 2048 respectively.

        Please make sure that the Maximum Memory Pool allocation does not exceed the amount of Physical memory on the machine which hosts your Tomcat and SAP Cloud Agent, as this may result in decreased performance, or crashing.

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