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2636184 - How To Integrate KUT Extension Fields Into Web Services


This Knowledge Base Article describes how to activate Extension Fields for Web Services and demonstrates how values of these fields can be filled in Web Service Calls.


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Reproducing the Issue

You create an extension field via the Key User Tools and would like to use it in a Web Service call.


  1. Create an extension field from Adaptation Mode.
  2. Click on Further Usage to open the extension options.
  3. Navigate to Services.

You see all interconnected Web Services with the respective Workcenter in which you create the extension field.

  1. Select the Web Service, which you would like to use.
  2. Click on Add Field.
  3. The Checkbox in the Table for column Field Available is ticked and the field can be used in the Web Service.
  4. For the Web Service call you need the information for the Namespace of the field and the Field Name.


You are now able to use the field in the web service:

  1. All extension fields have the same structure for the web service call.
  2. <n1:TechnicalName(field name) xmlns:n1="namespace of the extension field”>Value of extension field</n1:TechnicalName>.
  3. Replace TechnicalName(field name) with the respective Field name derived from your Key User Tools.
  4. Replace "namespace of the extension field" with the actual Namespace of the field.
  5. For our case the call command is <n1:Plant xmlns:n1="”>101</n1:Plant>.
  6. 101 is the assigned Value for our field.

Please Note: "n1", "n2" and others are just the namespace prefixes. A namespace prefix is used along with a namespace declaration to specify the namespace of qualified attributes and elements. It does not matter which prefix is used only the namespace is relevant. A change of the namespace would be relevant but a change of the namespace prefix does not matter for the services to work. When XML is processed you should not consider which namespace prefix is used, but the namespace which is bound to the prefix. The prefix is set at runtime, by choosing the next available prefix (n0, n1,..) each time a new namespace is used.

See Also

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