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2637216 - How to mass update emails for Candidate Profile using integration center - Email Masking - Recruiting Management


This article describes how to update all the Candidate email using integration center. When using test or development instances, it is necessary to perform tests on recruiting module. In order to avoid real users receive any communication, it is necessary to update the email provided for the candidates.


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In order to update all the candidates into the instance, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Run an ad-hoc report to extract all the Candidate IDs. After concluding this task, save the file in a CSV format and add a column for the new dummy email.

Here is an example:


  1. After building this file, you will have to upload this file to an FTP server. The integration center will use this to update the candidate information.

For this article, I will update three candidates:




Now is time to create the integration to update the information:

  1. Go to Admin Center > Integration Center > Click Create > Schedule CSV Input Integration


  1. Select CandidateLight entity:

* We must use this entity because it does not validate the required fields are filled for the candidates we are going to update. Check more information here 2569249 - How to insert a candidate without providing all the required basic fields Odata - RCM


  1. Provide the integration name and go to the Configure Fields tab:


  1. On this screen, you will have to upload a Sample CSV to make the necessary maps between the csv fields and entity fields. Click on Upload Sample CSV and select a file with the same format that you will use to run this integration. For the examples presented here, I am using the same file for the sample and source of the Candidate data (file stored in the FTP).


  1. After the preview of the file is displayed, click on this button:


  1. Now you have to drag and drop the source fields to the destination fields in the entity:


Make sure the field will have the icon as shown above for the linked fields.

On the preview section, you can check the Odata request sample:


  1. Fill out all the necessary information related to the FTP server where you uploaded the file with the Candidate information to be updated:


  1. Click on Review and Run then click Save > Run Now:


After the conclusion, you can check the status of the execution on this same screen. Check the logs on Last Run Time parameter:


After running the integration you will see one of the three icons next to the last execution time:

  • A red x will mean the integration fails. Click in the execution time to check the logs and be able to identify what caused the failure;
  • A yellow exclamation sign means the integration concluded but with a few warning messages. Check the logs to see what are the warnings messages, most of the time the warnings messages do not cause any failure to the integration;
  • A green icon means the integration runs successfully;

Checking the Candidates used as a test, all the emails were updated:




Additional suggestion for the success of the task:

Please double check the CSV file with applications like Notepad++

and double check that there is no extra empty line at the end of the file.

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