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2637635 - How to Configure Future Dates for One Time Payment During New Hire or Rehire


Customer want to update the dates of Pay Components during the new hire for One Time Payment (OTP).

  • Option 1: The start date should be equal to the date entered manually on the OTP.
  • Option 2: The start date should be equal to the event date value
  • Option 3:  The Start Date should be equal to any date in the future ex - event date + 30 days.

Customer have created a rule with base object as Employee Information Model object.

But when they submit the new hire the dates are not assigned the values as per the rule.

The rule works only when at least 3 payment type are added

For rehire case the payment are overwritten


Employee Central - Compensation Infomation

Employee Central - Rule

Reproducing the Issue

Configure below rule onSave in JobInfo

onSave (jobInfo.jpg


Test 1: Two One-Time Payments were selected during the Add New Employee

  • Result: Date Issued was not updated based on the rule. the BestRun Reward is suppose to display the May 05 +30 Days

Test 2: Three One-Time Payments were selected during the Add New Employee

  • Result: Date issued were updated based on the rule



Prior to rehire, Employee already have BestRun Reward and Bonus One-Time Payment, after rehiring, the new values were added on the existing one (resulted to duplicate paycomponents).


  1. Is the rule supposed to work even if we only have 2 or 1 paycomponent selected during the Hire/Rehire? If not how to we make it work?
  2. What is the standard behavior of One-Time Payments when rehire?
    1. does it supposed to overwrite the old OTP if same OTP are assigned during the rehire 
    2. does it supposed to add on previous OTP of the employee? 


Configuration Issue:

  • Wrong base object - should be Compensation Model or One Time Payment 
  • The Payment type are defined in the THEN section rather than the IF section.
  • The THEN section is incorrectly formulated.


Create the rule with base object - One Time Payment (OTP) or Compensation Model

The resolution herein is demonstrated with OTP

Scenario 1 - The OTP date is calculated based on Issue Date (i.e. the date enterred in on the payment type)

Example Rule

Correct rule.jpg

Date entered during New Hire


Result as display on employee page

hire result.jpg

Scenario 2 - The The OTP date is calculated based on Job Information Event Date (i.e. as set in the hire date)


The Hire event is set on the 01/01/2018 but random dates are entered during hire for payment type


As you can see all is evaluated correctly at the end of the hiring



All will work the same, except when you rehire with same employment, for scenario 1 the payment will display again during the rehiring and you will need to either deleted them or set new date otherwise the old date will be revaluated by the rule

you need to change.jpg

1 and 2 are displayed during the rehire (these were set during the first hire)

for rehire only 3 was added. if you don't delete 1 and 2 (old values) they will be recalculated by the rule as you can see below.

as you can see.jpg

Answer to Questions Asked:

A. Yes the rule is suppose to work event if you only have 2 or 1 pay-component selected during the Hire/Rehire
B. What is the standard behaviour of OTP when rehire is the same as hire except if rehiring with new employment as explained above

  1. Nothing is ovewritten when rehiring with New Employment, however with Same Employment old payment are displayed again 
  2. you can add new OTP in both Hire with New and Hire with Old Employment.


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