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2638582 - Contact Person displayed incorrectly in Sales Order


The system uses 'Number of Contact person' (PARNR) from table 'Customer Master Contact Person' (KNVK) to identify the contact person in a sales order.

In sales order under the partner function for “Contact Person”, the system does not display the Customer number.


  •  Sales and Distrubution (SD)
  •  Logistics Execution (LE)
  •  SAP S/4HANA Cloud
  •  SAP S/4HANA CLOUD 1708 
  •  SAP S/4HANA CLOUD 1711 
  •  SAP S/4HANA CLOUD 1802 
  •  SAP S/4HANA CLOUD 1805 
  •  SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1605 
  •  SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1608 
  •  SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1611 
  •  SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1702 
  •  SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1705
  •  SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1808
  •  SAP S/4HANA, cloud edition 1503 
  •  SAP S/4HANA, cloud edition 1506 
  •  SAP S/4HANA, cloud edition 1511 
  •  SAP S/4HANA, cloud edition 1603

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Select App - Display Sales Order.
  2. Open the Sales Order.
  3. Follow menu path: More --> Goto --> Header --> Partner --> Contact Person.
  4. The contact person selected from the contacts list is not displayed as expected.


Technically, the first BP created with role BUP001 and FLCU001 will make an entry in table KNA1 with a number assigned (KUNNR). The second BP with role FLCU001 will create another entry in KNA1 with another number assigned (KUNNR).

Then by the relationship created between the two BPs and synchronization a new entry will be created for the contact person in table KNVK with a specific number assigned (PARNR). Even though logically the contact person corresponds to the first BP it cannot have the same number assigned (KUNNR and PARNR don’t correspond).


This is the expected behavior.

There are ongoing discussions internally to make the business partner (along with the KNVK-PARNR) visible on the UI so that any confusion can be avoided.


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SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1605 ; SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1608 ; SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1611 ; SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1702 ; SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1705 ; SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1708 ; SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1711 ; SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1802 ; SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1805 ; SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1808 ; SAP S/4HANA, cloud edition 1503 ; SAP S/4HANA, cloud edition 1506 ; SAP S/4HANA, cloud edition 1511 ; SAP S/4HANA, cloud edition 1603